MM Integrated Steel Ltd

MM Integrated Steel Ltd is a leading manufacturer of galvanised iron roofing sheets in Lusaka, Zambia, recognised throughout the region for their high quality. This company is unique in that it has its own cold rolling mill and galvanising plant in Lusaka, ensuring that their roofing sheets are high grade as well as being competitively priced. The manufacturing facility has a capacity of 4,000 tons with plants and supply centres in Tanzania, DR Congo, Mozambique and Malawi. Show more

MM Integrated Steel Mills Ltd was formed in 1995 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, for the purpose of manufacturing steel products, components and spare parts. It is a family owned business that has grown to become a major player in the field of structural steel materials. The newly introduced coloured roofing sheets and sand blasted profile coloured roofing sheets offer visual appeal as well as long life, and have taken the company’s products to an exciting new level.

Roofing materials in Lusaka, Zambia

This company provides roofing sheets for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. As well as corrugated and Inverted Box Rib (IBR) roofing sheets, MM Integrated Steel offers ridges, flashing, valleys and bull nose profiles. Galvanising and colour format processing use the latest technology and computerised machines.
  • Own manufacturing plants in Lusaka
  • High grade galvanised iron roofing sheets
  • IBR designs in various profiles
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Corrugated iron sheets
Corrugated iron roofing sheets from MM Integrated Steel come in various sizes – 26 Gauge, 28 Gauge, 30 Gauge, and 32 Gauge. The length varies from 2m to 3.60m. These corrugated galvanised iron sheets are suitable for fencing as well as roofing.

IBR sheets
MM Integrated Steel’s Inverted Box Rib (IBR) style roofing sheet have a square fluted profile with an effective covering width of 625mm to 762mm. The range of profiles include IT-4,IT-5 and IT-6. The deep flute design has excellent drainage properties. The sheets can be cranked, curved and bull-nosed to various radii depending on customers’ requirements. Customers can also specify what length of IBR sheet they require, up to a maximum of 13 metres. The IBR profile can be used for side cladding as well as roofing.


Key roofing materials information

  • Own manufacturing plants in Lusaka
  • High grade galvanised iron roofing sheets
  • IBR designs in various profiles
  • Ridges and bull-nose sheets available
  • Coloured and sand-blasted profiles a recent addition

Steel in Lusaka, Zambia

MM Integrated Steel Ltd is a leading manufacturer of cold rolled steel and international-quality galvanised coils, supplying Zambia and the region. As well as its manufacturing facility in Lusaka, the company also has plants and supply centres in Tanzania, DR Congo, Mozambique and Malawi.
  • Major player in the manufacture of steel materials
  • Range of steel products available
  • Distribution across the region
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The manufacturing process
MM Integrated Steel manufactures its own steel products. In Lusaka the company has two factories – one is a cold rolling mill and the other a galvanising plant. The cold rolling process involves the conversion of hot rolled coils into cold rolled coils by reducing the thickness of the coils from about 2mm to 0.18–0.5 mm. resp. The galvanising process involves passing the cold rolled coils through a series of solvents to clean the surface and then into a zinc bath for galvanising. Galvanised coils are used to manufacture roofing sheets with an assortment of profiles.

MM Integrated Steel’s galvanising plant uses the latest technology and computerised systems. The company imports a range of quality raw materials to produce their high grade galvanised iron sheets, including hot rolled steel coils 2mm to 3mm wide, 99.95% pure zinc ingots and various chemicals.

The company has a stocking capacity of over 2000 metric tonnes. Steel is imported from South Africa and other parts of the world at competitive prices. The total capacity of the plant is estimated at 48,000 metric tonnes of galvanised cold rolled steel products.

With a network of distributors and dealers throughout Zambia and the region, many construction companies, corporations and government departments place their orders with this company, directly or indirectly.

MM Integrated Steel’s Zambian clients include:

  • BSI Steel Zambia Limited
  • Californian Beverages
  • Kalaria Group – Malawi
  • Kitchenware Industries
  • Lamasat International
  • Mount Meru Petroleum
  • Neelkanth Group – Mozambique
  • Railway Systems of Zambia
  • Saro Agri industries ltd
  • Simba Milling
  • Zambeef Products Plc
  • Zambezi Drilling

Product summary

  • Steel pipes: GS pipes to BS standards from ½” to 3” in A and B class
  • Black pipes: To BS standards from ½” to 3” in both A and B class
  • Hollow section square pipes: From 16mm x 16mm to 70mm x 70mm with thicknesses from 1 to 8mm
  • Rectangular pipes
  • Mild steel rods: Round and high tensile rods, ranging from 8 to 25mm
  • Mild steel angles: 6m in length, from 2 x 20mm to 65 x 65mm, with thickness from 3 to 6mm
  • Mild steel bars and high tensile bars: 6m in length, from 20 to 1000mm, with thicknesses from 6mm
  • Galvanised wires: Annealed wires from 1.6 to 4mm

Water storage in Lusaka, Zambia

MM Integrated Steel is one of the leading suppliers in Zambia of 100% FDA-approved water tanks. Located in Lusaka, off Mumbwa Road, the company manufactures water tanks for various sectors of the economy – domestic, rural, agricultural, commercial, construction and industrial.
  • Uses hygienic food-grade polyethylene
  • Using a state-of-the-art rotational moulding technology
  • Ensures the highest quality standards
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In order to guarantee water purity, MM Integrated Steel uses hygienic food-grade polyethylene to make its ‘Kiboko’ water tanks. These are manufactured using a state-of-the-art rotational moulding technology that ensures the highest quality standards and customer satisfaction.

Features of Kiboko water tanks

  • Material used is 100% FDA approved, UV-stabilised, virgin linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE)
  • LLDPE is hygienic – non-toxic, non-absorbent and discourages water borne algae growth
  • Durable and stress resistant (unique rib design with elasticity to assist easy expansion and contraction and provide better impact strength)
  • Rust proof and maintenance free
  • Light weight but strong (easily relocated and installed on flat firm surface)
  • Cylindrical vertical tank with screw lid offers better security
  • Water tank capacities

Volumes and measurements of water tanks:

  • 500 litres – 1030 x 880mm
  • 1000 litres – 1420 x 1030mm
  • 2500 litres – 1820 x 1415mm
  • 5000 litres – 2225 x 1790mm
  • 10000 litres – 3200 x 2070mm

Contact information

8643 off Mumbwa Road, Lusaka, Zambia
P.O. Box
PO Box 38098, Lusaka, Zambia
Enquire below
+260 211 846098, +260 971 251437
+260 971 251436

Opening times

08:00 – 17:00
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