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Mowtec Investment supplies a wide range of both electric and petrol lawn mowers. These mowers have over three decades of engineering proficiency behind them, ensuring the different designs are high quality and easy to use. The mowers range from industrial and commercial to domestic mowers including cylinder lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers and petrol lawn mowers.

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Industrial tools and equipment in Lusaka, Zambia

A lawn can be a source of pride as well as a place for the family to play. Regular mowing of grassy areas is one of the most important aspects of landscape maintenance. It’s worth choosing the best tools, like those from Mowtec which supplies domestic and commercial lawn mowers.

  • Cylinder lawn mowers
  • Electric lawn mowers
  • Petrol lawn mowers
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Cylinder lawn mowers
Cylinder lawn mowers have numerous moving blades that cut against a fixed blade, like scissors, giving you a clean cut. Cylinder lawn mowers include:

  • Precision cut-cylinder push mower 16
  • Silent mower- cylinder push mower 18
  • Sweep it- cylinder push mower 21

Electric lawn mowers
Electric lawn mowers are the best option for a typical family garden. They have a fast moving blade which acts like a scythe. These lawn mowers have a grass box for collecting the grass. Electric lawn mowers are measured by the wattage of their engines, the higher the wattage the better the performance and the greater the power. Electric lawn mower cables have to be long enough to reach the power source. An extension cable with an RCD safety adaptor is normally required. Electric lawn mowers are suitable for maintaining smaller grassy areas for domestic, commercial and industrial use.

Electric lawn mowers stocked by Mowtec include

  • Condo1000 – 1000W
  • Prima – Mowtor tech 1500W
  • Pacer – Mowtor tech 2400W
  • Executive – Mowtor tech 2600W
  • Mulch’n Catch – Mowtor tech 2600W
  • Ratel – Mowtor tech 3000W
  • Inkunzi – Mowtor tech 3000W
  • Razor6 430 510 – Mowtor tech 750/1100W, self-propelled, rear roller side adjustment and centrifugal clutch on engine

Petrol lawn mowers
Petrol lawn mowers are suitable for larger gardens and longer grass. They are more powerful than electric lawn mowers hence they get the job done a lot faster. These mowers come with features that allow them to mulch lawns by discharging and compressing the cut grass. The capacity of petrol lawn mowers is measured by the capacity of the engine in cubic centimetres (cc). The higher the cc the greater the output power and performance of a lawn mower.

Mowtec’s petrol-powered lawn mowers come with a choice of makes of engine – Briggs and Stratton, Honda and Yamaha. Models include:

  • Pacer: Torx XT160, 140cc engine, Briggs and Stratton
  • Executive: Torx XT160, 190cc engine, Briggs and Stratton
  • Mulch’n Catch: Torx XT160, 190cc engine, Briggs and Stratton
  • Ratel: Customers have the option to choose from the following engines:Briggs and Stratton – Torx XT200, 190cc engine, Honda GX – Torx XT200, 160cc engine, and Yamaha – Torx XT200, 140cc engine
  • Inkunzi: Customers have the option to choose from the following engines: Briggs and Stratton – Torx XT200, 190cc engine, Honda GX – Torx XT200, 160cc engine, and Yamaha – Torx XT200, 140cc engine
  • Razor6 430 510: Features include self-propelled, rear roller side adjustment and centrifugal clutch on engine. Customers can choose from following engines: Honda GX 160 – 160cc engine and Torx 390 – 189cc engine

For more information, and to see the wide range of mowers available, visit the Mowtec premises along Luanshya Road in Lusaka.


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