Mudpackers Zambia

A one-stop shop for off road vehicle customising and 4x4 rentals, as well as camping equipment and apparel. Having been on many trips, Mudpackers Zambia will guide you through the process of selecting exactly what you need for whatever journey you are taking. Their off road vehicle equipment and accessories are sourced from top manufacturers, giving you products that will withstand the most challenging terrains. All 4x4 vehicles available for rental are ruggedised specially for the terrain in which they get used. Mudpackers provides everything you need to gear up your car and set up your camp.


Camping and Outdoor equipment in Lusaka, Zambia

Explore Zambia's great outdoors with tents supplied by Mudpackers Zambia. These tents are practical and spacious, and come as basic or luxury for 'glamping'. To complete the experience Mudpackers can supply CADAC gas canisters refilled while you wait, and solar panels.
  • Tents and shelters from Tentco and Echo 4x4
  • Jonsson’s legendary khakis and Rogue hats, caps and shoes all in stock
  • CADAC gas canisters and solar accessories from Flexopower
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Tents for camping
Mudpackers have tents to suit any need. They carry a range of bow tents, rooftop tents and shelters from Tentco. Mudpackers also source trailer tents from Echo 4×4. Whether it’s bare necessities or small luxuries Mudpackers have all the camping accessories you might need, including:

  • Stretchers from Tentco
  • Inflatable mattresses and fold up mattresses from Tentco
  • Portable showers from Tentco
  • Shower tents from Tentco
  • Camping tables and chairs from Tentco
  • Portable toilets from Tentco
  • Braai and gas stoves from CADAC
  • Camping fridges from National Luna and Indel B
  • Wash basins
  • Laundry racks
  • Cooler boxes
  • Cooking ware
  • Plastic and metal tableware
  • LED lights
  • Ammo boxes
  • Water storage and pumps
  • First aid kits
  • Gas bottles and holders
  • Storage bags

If you love the outdoors you will love the collection of outdoor wear from Jonsson’s legendary khakis made from 100% cotton. The collection includes long-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved shirts, shorts and trousers for both men and women. All available in a number of colours.

  • A stylish collection of comfortable hats, caps, as well as shoes from the South African brand Rogue.
  • Backpacks from Tentco and coming  in different sizes depending on you needs.

CADAC gas canisters
Mudpackers Zambia sell CADAC gas canisters and will refill any type of cannister at their shop while you wait. Other gas products include gas braais, braai tools, camping cookware and gas stoves from CADAC.

Solar panels and batteries
Flexopower portable and foldable solar panels are perfect for bringing along to power up your camping trips. They can hook up to National Luna battery packs or the batteries in your car. They also offer fixed solar panels with deep cycle batteries that recover to full rated capacity over and over again.

4x4 off road centre in Lusaka, Zambia

With custom solutions for any make, Mudpackers Zambia offers 4x4 vehicle conversions for off road use. Their professional mechanics services include installation of equipment and accessories such as suspensions, tyre fitments, snorkels, winches, retrofitting of storage solutions and fitting of bull bars.
  • 4x4 vehicle conversions for off road use
  • Equipment and accessories from top manufacturers
  • Professional practical advice on what equipment you will need
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Convert your 4×4 vehicle with Mudpackers Zambia’s complete range of equipment and accessories.

Bull bars
Mudpackers Zambia offers and installs LA Sport bull bars for Toyota Hilux, Toyota Cruiser, Ford Ranger and Isuzu.


  • Unique grill angled cato strap design
  • LED running lights as standard
  • Includes fog lights for low light conditions
  • LED indicator and park lights for an extended lifespan
  • Bull bar corner under plates and centre plate as standard
  • Winch compatible up to 12000 lbs low profile winch
  • Increases your vehicle’s approach angle. Round jacking point (also assists in self-recovery)
  • 10mm dual recovery points for a safe recovery
  • Light and grill protection
  • Spotlight wiring holes pre-drilled to have your spotlights fitted neatly

The company also carry bull bars from Australian manufacturer Opposite Lock for Ford Ranger, Isuzu, Land Rover, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota. Their bars come for a range of car makes and in a variety of materials including steel and poly.

For a smooth ride, this company has a wide selection of LA Sport and EFS suspensions that are designed for real tough conditions with the typical off-roading, rough terrain and loading environments that 4×4 and other commercial vehicles encounter.

Mudpackers Zambia sells and fits off road tyres and rims from leading manufacturers such as Mickey Thompson, Cooper Tires and Dick Cepek.

To drive in water and protect your filter from dust, install Mudpackers Zambia’s range of LA Sport snorkels. A must for the serious overlander

Product features

  • Made from LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) ready for the harsh African sun and bush
  • Increases wading depth
  • Increases air filter lifespan with a higher intake

Keep your things organised with high quality storage solutions manufactured by Front Runner or Big Country that include drawers and canopies, retrofitted per customers’ requirements.


  • Mudpackers offers the following accessories:
  • Winches
  • Tyre fluid from PS2
  • Roof racks
  • Jerry cans and holders
  • Spotlights and light bulbs
  • Rear bumpers
  • Bash plates

This company carries a range of tools that will be handy on any type of trip:

  • Shovels
  • Axes
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Jerry can spouts
  • Jiggler syphon pipe
  • Hi-lift jacks
  • Hi-lift jack extensions
  • Hi-lift jack plates
  • First aid kits
  • Recovery kits

4x4 rental service in Lusaka, Zambia

Mudpackers offers a 4x4 rental service with vehicles from Drive The Wild available to collect anywhere in Zambia. The vehicles are ruggedized specially for the terrain in which they get used. Camping gear inclusive of cutlery, table, chairs, groundsheet, stretchers, inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags can also be supplied.
  • Overland vehicles from Drive the Wild
  • Available to collect anywhere in Zambia
  • Ruggedized specially for the terrain in which they get used
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The vehicles include the following fitments:

  • Long range petrol tank
  • State of the art auxiliary power supply
  • Power socket
  • A pull out drawer system with ample storage compartments
  • On-board shower cubicle
  • 60L fridge/freezer
  • 90-degree awning
  • A-state-of-the-art Stealth Eezi Awn roof-top tent
  • A secondary ground tent for additional guests
  • VHF radio for communication with the guides
  • Full satellite tracking with 24-hour active tracking
  • GPS system
  • Full bedding linen packs

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