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MyZambia MyAfrica© is a commercially driven entity with an aggressive philanthropic mission focusing mainly on education, economic empowerment and nurturing Zambian creative talent. This movement is comprised of distinguished Zambian business leaders, professionals, cultural ambassadors and graduate students interested in forging links that will contribute towards Zambia’s development. MyZambia aspires to the virtues of patriotism, philanthropy and depicting Zambia as a place to invest, belong and explore.


Marketing and PR in Lusaka, Zambia is a unique digital platform that is aimed at building a positive and enduring brand identity for Zambia. Through this online portal members will have the opportunity to play an active role in any economic or cultural areas that contributes towards the development of Zambia.
  • Membership is free
  • Focuses on education, economic empowerment and creativity
  • Opportunity to contribute towards Zambia's development
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Zambia’s arteries flow into 8 countries and it epitomises Africa at its best and most challenging. For the Zambian diaspora MyZambia connects them with home, and for the rest it offers a piece of the dream to lift up a continent. The zealous spirit of MyZambia is very simple – Zambia is still open for business!

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