NAC2000 Corporation

NAC2000 Corporation offers a full range of air travel and transport services. These cover ground handling, freight forwarding, warehousing, cold room storage and customs clearance. The company also has a presence at Zambia's main border posts and provides an efficient customs clearance service for road freight to and from Zambia. Incorporated in the year 2000, this company has developed well established global and local networks.


Ground handling in Lusaka, Zambia

NAC2000 Corporation provides efficient ground services at Zambia's major airports - Lusaka, Livingstone and Ndola - for aircraft of any size. With high loaders, forklifts, belt loaders, pallet transporters and tow tractors, the company is well-equipped to handle the loading and off-loading of different types of cargo.
  • Aircraft parking and cabin cleaning services
  • Aircraft steps for passengers and crew
  • Refuelling of aircraft and technical assistance
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NAC2000 Corporation Ltd started life as National Air Charters, a cargo subsidiary of Zambia Airways Corporation Limited (QZ), the national airline of Zambia. The company operated the airline’s cargo flights using Zambia Airways freighter aircrafts, the B707 and B757. When these aircraft were retired, National Air Charters began leasing cargo aircraft from other airlines. In addition, the company was involved in warehousing, importing and exporting.

In 1994, whilst Zambia Airways was placed in voluntary liquidation, its subsidiary National Air Charters continued, focussing on its ground handling service. In 1999 the company was sold into private hands, and changed its name to NAC2000 Corporation Limit

NAC2000 will plan and arrange aircraft parking bays, and carry out aircraft cabin cleaning. The company also offers the following:

  • Unaccompanied baggage services
  • Aircraft refuelling
  • Technical assistance for wheel changing and tyre pressure
  • Aircraft ground engineering services
  • Pre-departure inspections
  • Assistance with obtaining local flight clearances and landing permits
  • Filing flight plans with air traffic control
  • En route and destination weather reports
  • Ground and flight crew communications

NAC2000 clients

  • Kenya Airways
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Many more airlines

NAC2000 certificates and memberships

  • Nine members of staff have up to date dangerous goods regulation certificates
  • IATA Cargo Agency certificate
  • Customs Clearing License

Freight and forwarding in Lusaka, Zambia

With bases at Lusaka, Ndola and Livingstone airports, NAC2000 currently handles air cargo for Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and South African Airlines. In addition, it has a presence at all the main borders, providing efficient customs clearing services for road cargo entering and exiting Zambia.
  • Moves any type of cargo including dry cargo, perishables, cats and dogs
  • Storage and warehousing available
  • Efficiently submits all relevant documents, and handles taxes and duties
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NAC2000 organises the movement of cargo, clearing goods for import or export, preparing and submitting all the relevant documents, and handling taxes and duties on behalf of clients. Due to its close association with international airlines, NAC2000 can offer its clients preferential air freight rates.

The company handles different types of freight including dry cargo, perishables and live animals such as cats and dogs. The Ndola office now has a fully functional cold room for all perishable and temperature sensitive cargo. The company also has a cold storage unit at Lusaka Airport.

NAC2000 has 1,252 square metres of space at Lusaka International Airport, as well as space at Ndola and Livingstone Airports.

To better serve its customers and communicate with all its external stakeholders, NAC2000 has recently upgraded its systems by automating its aircraft cargo handling operations. This will enable them to meet all industry and regulatory requirements.

NAC2000 cargo clearing and forwarding services:

  • Pick-up and delivery of goods to and from your doorstep
  • Packaging of cargo in accordance with international airline standards
  • Aircraft chartering and brokerage for cargo movement to any destination in the world

NAC2000 security

  • Industry standard security procedures
  • A contingent of uniformed security personnel
  • An armed police officer stationed at warehouses
  • Premises are protected by CCTV and perimeter electric fencing
  • Premises are secured by a 24 hour motion detector surveillance system
  • All staff are security-cleared by the Zambia Police Service
  • All staff members have company ID badges
  • All equipment and vehicles have National Airports Corporation Ltd permits

Corporate social responsibility
NAC2000 recently helped Game Rangers International deliver a year’s supply of milk to the Lilayi Elephant Nursery. NAC2000 managed the initial storage of the 6 tonnes of elephant infant milk formula once it arrived in Zambia and cleared the milk through customs.

NAC2000 clients include

  • Road Traffic and Safety Agency
  • TATA Zambia
  • Southern Cross Motors
  • United Chemolide
  • Central African Scales
  • Indeni Petroleum
  • Habib Industries
  • Imtec Sales
  • Avilkram Chemopharm
  • Divson Pharmaceuticals
  • Cavendish University
  • Professional Life Insurance
  • Hotel Intercontinental
  • Uniturtle Industries

Passenger handling in Lusaka, Zambia

NAC2000 can be hired to assist passengers, whether aircraft crew or VIPs - meeting and greeting, helping with customs and immigration, and arranging transfers and accommodation. NAC2000 offers tailored services to suit different client requirements. It can also arrange chartered flights to any destination in the world.
  • For aircraft crew, VIPS or any other passengers
  • Help with customs, immigration and transfers
  • Ideal for groups such as sports teams, school groups and wedding parties
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Take the headache out of travelling by using NAC2000′s passenger handling services. Popular with groups such as sports teams, school groups, church members or wedding parties, NAC2000 can also arrange chartered flights.

The meet and assist service can be tailored to meet individual needs. Trained staff will accompany passengers during their time at the airport – on arrival, before departure, or while waiting for a connecting flight. The company can also help with checking in or picking up luggage, and finding your way around the airport.

Uniformed NAC2000 staff members meet the passengers at the door of the aircraft, or the entrance to the terminal, with a welcome sign which may include the passenger’s name, company name, logo or some other previously arranged symbol. The guest is then assisted through the various checkpoints (security, passport control, and customs) to a waiting lounge or the arrivals area.

NAC2000 is also happy to help with transfers and booking of accommodation. Guests will be escorted to the place where they are staying.

Contact information

Freight Village Airport Road, Lusaka, Zambia
P.O. Box
PO Box 33650, Lusaka, Zambia
Enquire below
+260 211 271012, +260 211 271486
+260 979 440000, +260 977 648241

Opening times

08:00 – 17:00
08:00 – 17:00
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