Network Hardware Suppliers Ltd

Network Hardware Suppliers was established in 2013 to deliver ICT products specifically for network systems - computers and accessories, printers, photocopying machines, PBX and PABX, projectors, screens and access control systems. Other products include electrical materials, generators, air conditioning units, two way radios, cables and connectors, tools, inverters, stabilisers, servers and fibre optic materials.


Networking and Security in Lusaka, Zambia

Network Hardware Suppliers provides networking and security equipment that includes PBX and PABX systems, two way radios, cables, connectors and fibre optic materials. The company also offers access control systems that can identify and block unauthorised access and misuse of network accessible resources.
  • Network accessories and access control systems
  • CCTV cameras and accessories
  • PABX and PBX systems
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Network materials
Network Hardware Suppliers provide a wide range of cables that includes stranded and solid conductor forms. These cables are flexible and able to withstand bending without breaking. They can be used in situations where wiring is required inside the wall that connects a wall socket to a central patch panel. As well as cables, Network Hardware also supplies patch cords and panels:

  • UTP Cat5e fly leads and patch cords
  • FTP patch panels
  • UTP Cat 5e patch panels
  • UTP Cat5e cables
  • UTP Cat6 cable

CCTV cameras and accessories
Network Hardware Suppliers offers cameras (CCTV, network IP and HD-SDI), video surveillance systems, and CCTV equipment for home and business use. The company also provides surveillance systems with DVR viewer software for Windows and Mac PCs, and mobile surveillance.

  • CCTV Kits
  • IVS (intelligent Video Surveillance
  • DVRs (Digital Video Recorders)
  • Wireless cameras
  • CCTV cables
  • I.P. CCTV
  • CCTV Monitors
  • Covert and Mobile surveillance
  • CCTV Accessories
  • Dummy cameras and warning signs

PABX systems
Network Hardware Suppliers provides PABX and PBX automatic telephone switching systems.  The company has a team of experts specialised in the installation of ICT equipment. Other products include:

  • Digital receivers
  • Phone system
  • Phone outlets
  • Phone patch panels

Fibre optic cables and accessories
Network Hardware Suppliers provides optical fiber cables and related materials:-

  • Fibre fly leads
  • Fibre patch panels
  • Single mode fibre cables
  • Multi mode fibre cables
  • Dome joints
  • Connectors
  • Pigtails
  • Media converters

Access control systems
Access control is a security technique that can be used to regulate and restrict users in physical or electronic systems – designed to control who has access to a network. Parts available include:

  • Card printers
  • Card readers
  • Mag locks
  • Cards
  • Z-L brackets

Computers and Accessories in Lusaka, Zambia

Network Hardware Suppliers is a prominent computer supply company. It provides high quality, genuine ICT products, equipment and software. Its stock includes laptops, desktops, printers, projectors, assorted cabling, server racks and power distribution units, and related accessories and consumables.
  • Computers and accessories
  • Multifunctional products
  • Electrical equipment
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As well as products, this company has a team of qualified technical staff who provide after sales support and installations when required. Network Hardware Suppliers also offers consulting services. Products include:

Printers, fax, copiers, and scanners
Network Hardware Suppliers offers printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines and multifunctional products. These items are modern with features such as low noise, USB provision and network connections.

VGA, HDMI, AV and printer cables
Network Hardware Suppliers provides essential cables for powering PCs, laptops and external devices such as televisions and monitors. VGA cables provide quality sound and balance for audio and video receivers and speaker systems.

Projectors and screens
Network Hardware Suppliers stocks high brightness screens offering excellent performance and 3D applications. These screens can be used for simulators and special effects. The company also supplies projectors with screens that can diffuse projected light consistently so images can be viewed from almost anywhere in front of the screen.

Electrical material and equipment
Network Hardware Suppliers provides electrical equipment used in the installation of electrical systems in buildings. These products include:

  • Electrical cables
  • Electric switches
  • Circuit breakers
  • Power distribution units
  • Power sockets

Server and rack, cabinets and power distribution units
Network Hardware Suppliers has server racks, server cabinets, wall mounts, and other rack accessories.

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