OneLife Communications and Events Company

This company provides an extensive range of multimedia and advertising services, as well as marketing and public relations. The company also offers state-of-the-art music and stage equipment. OneLife is proficient in a broad spectrum of communications and events services including product and service launches, congresses, fundraisers, conventions, competitions, exhibitions, charity events, meetings, seminars, dinners, cocktails, receptions, shows, concerts, sports events, leadership and training seminars.


Multimedia and advertising in Lusaka, Zambia

OneLife Communications and Events Company is a full-service advertising agency that provides comprehensive marketing and advertising services. The company has the ability and expertise to consistently deliver successful outcomes for its customers through compelling creative strategies and aggressive marketing campaigns.
  • Full-service advertising agency
  • Media buying
  • Software to help customers monitor their adverts
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One of the best ways to give a business an edge is to achieve a consistent look, from business cards to the company website and eventually on advertising materials. OneLife Communications and Events Company has the skill to build a company’s brand from scratch or give an existing brand a face lift. This company will also help its customers to create implementation guidelines, so everyone is on the same page when it comes to the look and feel of their brand.

OneLife Communications and Events Company services:
Media buying
For customers who want to create a long-term plan for their advertising efforts, OneLife Communications and Events Company can work with them to develop a strategy that helps them connect with existing and new customers. If a customer likes what they have been doing, but do not have time to call media outlets on a regular basis to schedule their adverts, this company can do that for them.

When a customer asks OneLife to take on their media buying, they will save time, and sometimes money. This company bases their recommendations on thorough research of a customer’s product and the market, so they do not spend any money on a place they do not need to reach. OneLife will send one bill for their campaigns, and, occasionally, they can get a customer a better deal on advertising time or space.

Broadcast monitoring of adverts
With an efficient and reliable software solution for broadcast monitoring of advertising, OneLife Communications and Events Company helps its customers to:

  • Verify scheduled adverts according to contracts with broadcasters
  • Offer automated broadcast monitoring of advertising and play out verification as a service for advertising agencies and brands
  • Eliminate the pain of manually searching through a day’s worth of material for advertisements
  • Analyse advertisement competitors to enhance the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns
  • Detect exactly when and where their content is being used around the country
  • Maximise gains and overall efficiency by building quick and precise reports in real time or offline depending on their requirements
  • Promptly measure the reach and performance of their advertising
  • Keep control over their rights and intellectual property
  • Monitor real time event triggering

Marketing and PR in Lusaka, Zambia

Focused on helping companies reach their business and communication goals, OneLife Communications and Events offers unparalleled marketing and PR solutions. As well as public relations itself, these include social media, crisis management, direct response marketing, product launches and online reputation monitoring and management.
  • Unparalleled marketing and public relations services
  • Effective strategies for companies to reach their communication goals
  • Company works closely with its customers
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OneLife Communications and Events Company’s core business is to help companies promote their brands and grow their bottom lines with professionally designed strategic and creative marketing, and public relations solutions. The company has the expertise and capacity to provide an extensive range of solutions for businesses in a diverse range of sectors.

OneLife Communications and Events Company’s highly skilled personnel closely works with its customers to provide them with solutions that will meet their marketing and public relations requirements. The company’s creative marketing consultants balance high-level strategy with up to date content marketing and best design practices to produce outstanding digital and print materials, while their business development specialists work with their firm to identify growth opportunities.

Music and Stage equipment in Lusaka, Zambia

OneLife Communications and Events Company is a full service event production company that provides world class music and stage equipment for various events. The company has built and designed custom made robust mobile rigs and platforms that transform in under an hour.
  • World class music and stage equipment for various events
  • Custom made robust mobile rigs and platforms
  • Staffed or non staffed hire
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OneLife Communications and Events’ stages come with backlines, lighting, video, sound and special effects gears that create the ambience and atmosphere that will make for an unforgettable experience. All equipment rental can be done on a dry hire bases or provided with a team to set up and manage.

OneLife Communications and Events Company acknowledges that it can not have all equipment needed for an event, for this reason, the company has established exclusive links with equipment suppliers meaning that it is possible for them to arrange staging, video, audio and lighting equipment for customers that require custom gear or have extra-large events.

This company constantly strives to be passionate about all aspects of the sound, lighting and audio visual industry and has always held its customers’ needs as a priority. OneLife Communications and Events has built a reputation for honest, reliable and competitive services.

OneLife Communications and Events has supplied venues all over Zambia. The company possess vast experience and will always do its best to recommend a solution that best meets its customers’ needs.

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