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Basic information

Precision Recruitment International

Lusaka, Zambia

Precision Recruitment International (PRI) is a privately owned recruitment company with offices in Zambia, Zimbabwe (HQ) and Mozambique. It has positioned itself to provide high quality recruitment services by acquiring the best possible prospects and placements. It does this by pro-actively building relationships with people in developing industries in the various regional countries. PRI uses a wide range of techniques that include specified ‘search and selection’ methods and contingent-based recruitment techniques.

Work at Precision Recruitment International?
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PRI is a recruitment market leaders in the region, with established branches in many countries. This enables the company to provide the best possible recruitment services, as well as advice and employment mechanisms. PRI runs advertising campaigns, interview sessions and candidate selection programmes for clients.

Recruitment experts
PRI’s recruitment expertise spans across all industries including Banking and Financial Services, Agriculture, Administration, Public Services and Mining.

Selection techniques
PRI runs advertising campaigns, interview sessions and candidate selection programmes for clients.

PRI provides the following products and services

  • Placement of skilled labour through contingent and search based techniques
  • Recruitment best practice to find the best possible candidates and to make the recruitment process as stress-free as possible. PRI can head-hunt for very specific skills where necessary
  • Candidate assistance in the form of CV-writing skills, interview advice and negotiation skills
  • Advising on the proficiencies of candidates



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