Formed in response to the need for sophisticated fleet asset management and fuel monitoring services, Pro-Watch provides quality up to date solutions: GPS satellite monitoring, fuel monitoring, fuel automation, CCTV and security equipment services. The company is customer-centric, creating a positive consumer experience at both point of sale and post-sale. Pro-Watch also provides complete mobile asset tracking and managing tools.


Vehicle security and tracking in Lusaka, Zambia

Get peace of mind with the Pro-Watch fleet management service! This system enables companies to manage and monitor not only their fleets and other assets, but also fuel. It is suitable for motor vehicles, motorbikes, earth-moving machinery, heavy machinery, cargo and indeed anything that needs to be located remotely.
  • Enables map positioning of vehicles
  • Camera surveillance inside and outside
  • 24/7 monitoring
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Pro-Watch seeks to develop long-term relationships with its clients through state-of-the-art technology and solutions, as well as its customer service.

GPS monitoring systems
Pro-Watch offers four major packages for GPS monitoring:

  • Pro-Basic: GPS location, speed, mileage, ignition status
  • Pro-Fuel: GPS location, fuel level in the tank, speed, mileage, ignition status
  • Pro-Surveillance: GPS location, fuel level in the tank, speed, mileage, ignition status, on-board still camera/s
  • Pro-GPS: GPS coverage throughout the African continent, speed, mileage, ignition status, fuel (optional)

Benefits of using Pro-Watch’s GPS monitoring systems

  • Decrease in fuel costs
  • Asset security
  • Reduced idle time
  • Camera surveillance inside vehicle
  • Controlled vehicle mileage
  • Accident prevention
  • Improved driver behaviour
  • Better execution in delivery
  • Longer vehicle life
  • Remote management while seated at the office or home

Pro-Watch monitoring platforms also allow organisations to track and operate their fleet 24/7. Logging on to the system from any computer or smart phone with internet gives access to important information such as:

  • Position of your vehicle, using Google Streets/Hybrid, Microsoft Bing Maps or Open Streets Maps
  • Route history playback, parking, stopping and events
  • Fuel consumption, fuel level in the tank and fuel theft alerts
  • Special reports based on templates that can be edited by the user and scheduled for email reports.
  • Unlimited E-mail, SMS and pop-ups for speeding, location enter, location exit, low battery, road tax, licensing, warranty, maintenance, servicing for distance or time period, prohibited time or days, prohibited zones, accident alerts and more.

Log into the Pro-Watch online demo to see for yourself (user: prodemo2013, password: 2013).

Pro-Watch Fuel point and distribution automation
This system includes:

  • Fuel forecourt management (gas station automation)
  • Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) for automatic refuelling
  • Refuelling complex management (BAS, POS, ATG, car wash, convenience store)
  • Head office applications (on-line fuel transactions services)

This is a reliable standalone automated Fuel Management System that has evolved over twenty years. The main terminal is capable of accepting user information on vehicles and drivers from keypad entry, proximity keys, magnetic stripe cards and RF/ID devices such as passive RF tags and Vehicle Identification Box (VIB Wireless System). The base island terminal is capable of controlling any number of hoses and can be used to interface with other fuel site equipment such as ATG tank monitors.

Pro-Watch 24/7 control centre monitoring services and Data management CCTV
These packages include:

  • Cost effective and quality CCTV equipment
  • CCD cameras, CMOS cameras, PTZ cameras and IP cameras
  • DVR, NVR and Hybrid video recorders
  • Camera quality from 700tvl to 2MP
  • Remote monitoring via computer or phone
  • MFK Auto security car alarm system
  • Access control equipment and systems
  • Laser/IR Perimeter-Home security alarm system
  • Vehicle speed limiters

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