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This is one of the leading general insurance companies in Zambia. (Note: this company does not offer life insurance cover.) Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia covers a comprehensive range of business and personal general insurance classes including fire, accident, motor, engineering, marine, aviation and incidental risks. The corporation enjoys quality re-insurance support from the world’s first, second, third and fifth largest re-insurers in addition to selected securities at Lloyd’s of London and regional re-insurers.


Business general Insurance in Multiple locations

Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia offers insurance cover for commercial property, business interruption, burglary and loss of money, glass, public liability, product liability, machinery, computers and other electronic equipment. With its vast experience, Professional Insurance identifies the risk associated with each business.
  • Wide array of insurance covers for businesses
  • Can tailor a specialised package
  • Professionally identifies various risks associated with a business
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Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia gives its customers the best package that is in line with their operations, structure and working environment.

Since all businesses are unique, Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia has developed a wide selection of options and programs to meet various needs. The company can tailor a specialised package according to a customer’s property, liability and casualty needs.

Some business general commercial plans:
Commercial property insurance
This policy helps protect a building, as well as business and personal property, including tools and equipment, inventory, fixtures and fittings. It protects against loss, damage or theft. Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia has options to suit various commercial property needs including:

Cover for physical loss of or damage to property from fire and explosion.

Public liability
Protects a company if found to be legally responsible for personal injury to a third party or damage to their property.

Glass and signs
Cover for the loss of or damage to glass windows, signs and showcases at business premises.

Money insurance
This policy is tailored to cater for the needs of companies in the business of moving or collecting money. A loss can occur either while at the business premises or in transit.

Church insurance
Customers can insure their church buildings and contents at very reasonable premiums.

Excess waiver insurance
This policy increases the certainty in the event of loss or accident. By paying for this policy, customers will not be requires to make any contribution once the cover is taken up.

Commercial vehicles insurance
This policy provides cover for vehicles owned by a company, including goods carrying vehicles, passenger carrying vehicles, special types of vehicles like graders, excavators and ambulances, and agricultural and forestry vehicles like tractors, combine harvesters and planters. The cover is effective whether the vehicles are on the premises or being driven on the public highway.

Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia also offers many optional extensions including legal liabilities to the public.

Due to the increased number of bus travellers, bus operators are exposed to claims for injury and baggage loss in the event of accidents, hence the recent introduction of passenger cover.

Motor traders insurance
Designed for organisations that are involved in selling, servicing or repairing motor vehicles, this policy provides cover for risks of loss or damage to trade vehicles or customers’ vehicles whilst under the organisation’s care and custody. The cover is effective whether the vehicles are on the premises or being driven on the public highway, say for testing. Legal liability to the public can also be added to this policy.

Motorcycle insurance
This is cover for self propelled two wheelers or three wheelers including mopeds. It can be covered by Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia using their motor insurance policy.

Business liability insurance in Multiple locations

Accidents happen on site, off site, with employees and with customers. Professional Insurance Corporation offers this policy to protect businesses against claims for income loss, bodily injury and property damage. A wide range of insurance plans are offered. These can be customised through the additional of relevant options.
  • Policy to protect businesses against liability claims
  • Saves business owners the risk of having to pay expensive legal fees
  • Offers a wide range of insurance plans that can be customised
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Business liability insurance is designed to safeguard the livelihood of a business. An accident could result in a lawsuit that could kill the business. A way to protect against this type of situation is for a business to take out business liability insurance that adequately covers the risk.

Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia offers business liability insurance to help business owners avoid the risk of having to pay expensive legal fees. This type of policy could represent the difference between the success or failure of a business.

Agriculture insurance in Multiple locations

Designed to suit the specific needs of farmers in Zambia, Pro-Agripak is a single, multiple-cover insurance policy. Professional Insurance offers this policy to ensure that farmers and their customers are protected when the unexpected happens. Professional Insurance is always ready to give advice on the covers offered.    
  • A broad spectrum of agricultural insurance solutions
  • Gives advice on the covers offered
  • Provides a quick and efficient service
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As a specialist in the agriculture industry, Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia endeavours to create and maintain close working relationships with its customers. It ensures that it consistently provides an excellent level of friendly, personal service – not only when arranging the policy, but throughout the year, at renewal, and more importantly in the event of a claim. Professional Insurance’s products and services are designed to focus on the specific needs of each unique customer.

Professional Insurance Corporation has made major investments in the latest information technology to enable it to provide a quick and efficient service.

Marine insurance in Multiple locations

This covers risk of loss or damage to cargo carried by road, rail, air or sea. Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia also offers this insurance package to overland transits which cross borders. For cargo transits within a country, goods in transit insurance is available.
  • Insurance packages for marine and goods in transit
  • One-off or open cover
  • Ideal for expatriates as well as importers and exporters
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For both marine and goods in transit (GIT) risks, the following policies can be arranged:

Marine cargo
Specific policies can be issued to customers whose imports and/or exports are not regular, including household goods and personal effects that are transported into or out of the country. Policies can be issued to cover specific consignments on a one-off basis.

Where a continuous flow of business is expected, Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia will recommend an open cover policy. This gives protection on a blanket basis and covers all the imports or exports of that customer from the date of inception of the contract. An open cover policy has the following advantages:

  • Forwarded cover at agreed insurance rates to help a customer budget in advance and fix prices accordingly
  • A working relationship can be created between a customer and the insurer as the customer does not have to deal with any other insurance companies perhaps in different countries
  • The policy can be issued for one year only or on a permanent basis

An importer or exporter who wishes to enter into such an agreement should submit the relevant details yo Professional Insurance to enable the contract to be negotiated.

Marine hull
Apart from insuring cargo, Professional Insurance also offers marine hull insurance. In this type of policy, the vessel itself is insured against loss or damage. Since Zambia is landlocked, the volume of this business is small but cover can be arranged on request.

Personal general insurance in Multiple locations

Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia offers this package to cover personal belongings against loss, theft or damage. This includes motor vehicles, houses and other possessions, and cover for individuals against various liabilities. Professional Insurance is committed to processing all claims in the shortest time possible.
  • Cover for personal belongings, as well as various liabilities
  • Quick claim processing
  • Sales, service and claims team is always ready to help advise customers
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Motor insurance
Owning a car is an expensive and risky undertaking. In the event of an accident, loss or theft, Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia is committed to putting its customers back on the road in the shortest possible time, with minimal disruption to their daily life. Professional Insurance realises that each customer is unique; it tailors packages to suite the exact needs of the customer.

Property insurance
Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia offers this policy to protect an individual’s home against damages to the house itself, or to possessions in the home due to fire, theft and other unforeseen circumstances. The policy also provides liability cover against accidents in the home or on the property. Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia ensures that its customers’ home – their most valuable investment – is protected, as well as personal possessions.

Passenger insurance
This policy protects individuals against various mishaps that could affect their trip or finances. Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia gives customers an opportunity to choose from a range of coverages and packages that best suit their travel needs.

Personal accident insurance in Multiple locations

Since accidents can cause injury, disability or death, Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia offers this policy to help customers and their families pay for income loss, expenses incurred during treatment, and transportation and accommodation. In the event of death, funeral expenses are also covered.
  • Financial protection against injuries of all kinds, and death
  • Enables custoenrs to focus on recovery without financial stress
  • Packages offer low-cost high-value benefits
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Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia offers personal accident cover to provide financial protection against injuries of all kinds, and death. The corporation is committed to providing relief to the injured person and/or family members from financial issues that come with accidents.

Professional Insurance Corporation’s range of personal accident packages offers low-cost high-value benefits. Since each customer is unique, Professional Insurance custom-designs a personalised solution to meet the exact needs and requirements of each case.

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