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The professional staff at Rapid Aluminium work with architects and interior designers to create beautiful design-led interiors for homes and offices. They offer consultancy services within the construction industry for turnkey construction projects and security protection, offering high standards in design, advice, fabrication and installation. Rapid Aluminium offers cutting edge aluminium products for the construction industry and related security and safety products.


Building project management in Lusaka, Zambia

Working to the highest standard, Rapid Aluminium has been awarded consultancy contracts with various international and local companies for a range of aluminium construction projects. The Rapid Aluminium team is skilled in all aspects of building project management, and also provides interior design services and building supplies.
  • Turnkey construction projects
  • Security protection consultancy
  • Specialists in aluminium products for construction
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Rapid Aluminium specialises in providing consultancy to building projects that include aluminium cladding, aluminium shop fronts, standard aluminium glass doors and aluminium folding doors.

For more than 15 years Rapid Aluminium has provided a quality and cost-effective service to residents and businesses in Lusaka, and more recently in Kitwe, Ndola, Siavonga and Livingstone.

Turnkey consultancy services
Rapid Aluminium undertakes consulting projects and assignments that include turnkey construction projects – for residential properties right up to multi storey buildings and shopping centres. Rapid Aluminium have qualified experts to advise on the fabrication and installation of aluminium and glass frames, shop fronts, panel windows and doors. Rapid Aluminium has the advantage of being able to call on resources from its network of suppliers internationally, enhancing the expertise readily available in country.

Security protection consultancy services
Rapid Aluminium offers a professional consultancy service for risk analysis and the assessment of the client’s safety and security requirements. Services include crisis management, evacuation planning and safety audits.

Projects and clients – past and present
Rapid Aluminium has developed a pool of loyal clients over 15 years of operating in Zambia – a testament to their service standards, cost effectiveness and professional integrity:-

  • Manda Hill Shopping Centre
  • Arcades Shopping Centre
  • Falls Park Shopping Centre
  • Elunda (Barclays Bank at Fedex roundabout)
  • City Mall on Cairo Road
  • American International School
  • Centre For Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ)
  • Autoworld
  • Mwiza Corporate Lodge
  • Saro Agro Industrial Ltd
  • Zambia Airforce Headquarters at City Airport
  • IMF World Bank building
  • The German Embassy

Interiors and Design services in Lusaka, Zambia

Rapid Aluminium carries out interior designs focusing on tailor made fabrication and installation of the following: aluminium folding doors, aluminium stack away doors, aluminium sliding windows and doors, aluminium casement windows, standard aluminium glass doors, aluminium louvre and aluminium partitioning systems.
  • Well-established company with good track record
  • Specialists in aluminium products
  • Quality aluminium and glass
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The company has a skilled team which, together with their quality assurance programs and use of quality aluminium and glass, ensures clients’ exact requirements are met and design projects are completed to high international standard.

Windows and doors are made of aluminium, a minimum of 2mm thick and to specifications that meet South African standards. Laminated safety glass is used for thicknesses below 1mm and float glass is used where thicker glass is required. Rapid Aluminium’s products compete favourably with competing products with high quality fabrication, professional installation supervision, flexibility and safety and security concerns are addressed in all their designs. See Rapid Aluminium consultancy services for more information about larger building projects as well as the building products they can supply. Rapid Aluminium is a company proud to work to the highest of standards. They have won consultancy contracts with various international and local companies for a range of aluminium construction projects and interior work. For 15 years Rapid Aluminium has provided quality, value-for-money services in Zambia, primarily in Lusaka and more recently in Kitwe, Ndola, Siavonga and Livingstone.

Projects in Zambia that have used Rapid Aluminium interior consulting service include:

  • Elunda (Barclays Bank at Fedex roundabout)
  • City Mall on Cairo Road
  • American International School
  • Mwiza Corporate Lodge
  • IMF World Bank building
  • The German Embassy

Aluminium windows and doors in Lusaka, Zambia

Rapid Aluminium has an established international support network through Hulamin South Africa. Their portfolio of products includes the tailor made fabrication and installation of the following: aluminium fascia products, aluminium curtain walls and fascia cladding, aluminium shop fronts, aluminium folding doors.
  • Well-established company with good track record
  • Specialists in aluminium products
  • Tailor made fabrication and installation
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Rapid Aluminium’s portfolio of products includes the tailor made fabrication and installation of the following: aluminium stack away doors, aluminium sliding windows and sliding doors, aluminium casement windows, aluminium louvre systems, aluminium hinged doors and locking devices.

Aluminium fascia products
Purpose-built fabrication of aluminium frames and glass for the construction industry, banking and diplomatic clients, commercial and residential applications. Rapid Aluminium has introduced various categories of aluminium products to match the varying requirements of buildings, access control and safety. The range is elegant and aesthetically pleasing as well as durable and weather resistant. It is available ex-stock in natural anodized aluminium or powder coated colours of black, bronze, charcoal or white. Corporate colours and etching of corporate logos on glass can also be achieved.

Aluminium curtain walls and fascia cladding
These are primarily for multi storey buildings. The curtain walls form a blank canvas on which the architect or interior designer can create modern vibrant designs using various tints and glass with flush glazing combined with a host of different window designs. Hulabond cladding comes in a choice of different colours with the versatility to curve, shape and bend it as much or as little as required. The aluminium profiles allow for multiple curtain walls assembled and conjoined to form the building fascia to any height. The strength and flexibility of the profiles create a structurally sound weather-proof design which will last for many many years.

Aluminium shop fronts
Shop fronts are designed and installed to specific specifications, with a multitude of door styles, top lights, side lights and mid rails, laminated glass options to choose from. Glass comes in standard 6.38 mm safety glass to 10.76 high impact security glass used by jewellery stores. All the hardware, from floor sprung hinges to stainless steel “D” shaped handles, internal door closers and one touch emergency exit locks can be supplied by Rapid Aluminium and are of the highest standard and installed with precision.

Aluminium folding doors
The ideal way to link internal and external entertainment areas. While closed, the Vista fold door allows an abundance of natural light in, with easy accessibility through a single operating door. When the doors are folded and put away, the outside ‘comes inside’. Vista fold doors range from a three door unit to as many as a 12 door concertina used in hotels and conference facilities. Unlike a sliding door, no matter how wide your open a folding door, it will fold away to one side, rendering at least 98% of the entrance open. The folding doors run on a floor track with a top rail guide, so that even a child can open or close them. Applications range from residential patios and verandahs to high traffic areas such as fast food outlets.

Aluminium stack away doors
Constructed to provide you with the maximum achievable opening, this ingenious system uses overhead sliding tracks mounted to the concrete ceiling or slab. This allows for individual aluminium door panels to hang and slide on the track and be individually stacked away out of view. This system is popular with restaurants and supermarkets, as it does not need tracks installed on the floor. In addition the versatility of the overhead tracks allows the doors to take corners to suit the specific design and layout as there are no hinges involved. Partial opening or closing of the stack away doors is easily achieved to suit your requirements.

Aluminium sliding windows and sliding doors
These allow you to invite nature inside, adding an extra dimension to your living area. they come with silent sliding wheels, a choice of two, three, or four panes, various opening and fixed pane designs, and the flexibility to add sliding fly screens in a multitude of aluminium colours. These sliding windows and doors are Rapid Aluminium’s number one best seller! They are easy to use, with ergonomic designs that work well with all kinds of burglar bars and trellis type door applications. This sliding system incorporates glass from 4mm to 20mm thick. Glass comes in a variety of styles – for safety and security, obscure or frosted, one way visibility (tinted in various colours) or clear visibility, heat reduction through UV reflective and solar shield and with or without noise reduction.

Aluminium casement windows
These windows are designed to allow lots of ventilation. With unique 90º friction stays, the window opens so as to partially centre the sash, so it captures the breeze from any direction. The flexibility of the casement window system allows for the incorporation of sliding fly screens, with many different options in sizes, designs and combinations of fixed pane windows and sachets that can open in any one of four directions. The casement window is ideal where you want to maximize the view with large unobstructed areas of glass.

Aluminium louvre systems
The Rapid Aluminium louvre system has been used for air conditioning vents on high rise buildings, communal bathrooms and for public toilets in shopping centres. In a choice of colours they can blend inconspicuously with the building. The versatility of this system allows for the louvres to also be incorporated into aluminum doors, windows and shop fronts.

Aluminium hinged doors
An ideal way to have easy access to the garden, terrace, patio or office, aluminium hinged doors are both versatile and practical, with a wide range of attractive latch locks, handles and closers. Choose single or double doors, with options to add side lights or top lights.

Aluminium office partitioning systems
Office partitioning can be fabricated and installed within a matter of days. They are tailor made to suite the layout and building, factoring in ergonomic design, infrastructure and future space requirements. The professional image of a multinational corporation may be echoed in the partitioning, with the integration of corporate logos on the glass using techniques such as sandblasting and etching.

Locking devices
The incorporation of high quality mechanical locking devices into the fabrication of windows, doors and sliding doors ensures that the keys and barrels cannot be readily copied. Access requirements are also taken into account.

See the company’s building consultancy for more on their design, advice, fabrication and installation services, and their building interiors for specific details on internal design work.

Rapid Aluminium products

  • Aluminium fascia products
  • Aluminium and glass building fascia curtain walls
  • Aluminium cladding
  • Aluminium shop fronts
  • Aluminium folding doors
  • Aluminium stack away doors
  • Aluminium sliding windows and sliding doors
  • Aluminium casement windows
  • Standard aluminium glass doors
  • Aluminium louvre systems
  • Aluminium office partitioning systems

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