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This is a major producer and supplier of maize and soya based consumer food products. Seba Foods prides themselves in providing a wide variety of very high quality products through well-known brands that include Golden Goodness, Seba’s instant thobwa, Seba’s high energy protein supplement and Emilios. The company is committed to producing high quality food products only from the finest quality soya beans and maize, sourced from local farmers.


Processing and distribution in Lusaka, Zambia

Seba Foods are processors and distributors of a wide range of maize and soya based consumer food products including soya pieces, soya mince, instant thobwa, high energy protein supplement as well as corn puffs. The company is well positioned to provide its products to retail and wholesale customers.
  • Processors and distributors of maize and soya based consumer food
  • Products for retail and wholesale customers
  • Highest quality, value and service
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From order to delivery, Seba Foods utilises state-of-the-art techniques to better satisfy its customers’ needs. The company is constantly looking for ways to enhance their partnership with their clients.

Seba Foods’ products can be found in various stores around Zambia and beyond. The company provides the highest in quality, value and service.

Food in Lusaka, Zambia

Focused on providing high quality foods from maize and soya, Seba Foods offers heathy soya pieces and mince, instant thobwa, high energy protein supplements and corn puffs. These products have become house hold names in Zambia. Seba Foods aims to be the market leader of quality nutritious foods at affordable prices.
  • Providing high quality nutritious foods
  • Soya pieces and mince, instant thobwa and high energy protein supplements
  • A variety of products for all
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Products offered by Seba Foods
Seba’s Golden Goodness – A range of high in protein, soya based meat equivalent products includes the highly popular texturised tasty soya pieces and soya mince variants available in multiple flavours.

Seba’s instant thobwa – A tasty and convenience powdered beverage, comprising of corn, soya, sugar and salt. It is ideal for industrial and institutional feeding to provide strength, energy and efficiency in employees for increased productivity.

Seba Foods high energy protein supplements (H.E.P.S) – Known as super cereal as per World Food Program (WFP), this is an extruded corn soya mixture. This product is fortified with vitamins and minerals and is primarily consumed to prevent or address nutritional deficiencies. It conforms to WFP guidelines and requirements.

Emilios corn puffs – Coming in various tantalising flavours, these are corn based puffs preferred crunchy. They are a snack for all – young and old.

Emilios snax – Also corn extruded and preferred crunchy. The come in a variety of flavours that include BBQ beef, braai, cheese, chicken, chutney, Mexican chili and tomato.

Contact information

6454 Buyantanshi Road, Zambia
P.O. Box
PO Box 36207 Lusaka, Zambia
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+260 211 242380

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