Sentinel School Kabitaka

The vision of the founders of Sentinel School Kabitaka is to empower all who pass through with an education which will open up their minds and ready them for opportunities in life. They strive for a culture of lifelong learning which translates into an enlightened society capable of dealing with whatever challenges come its way. The school is a spiritually aware and supportive environment which has been established to have an impact on its alumni long after they have moved on.


Pre-school in Solwezi, Zambia

Early learning years at Sentinel School Kabitaka Pre school sets the standards that all early school years need to ensure that children learn and develop well. It ensures children are kept healthy and safe while the children gain the knowledge and skills they need to start school and are fully prepared for the coming primary schooling.
  • Educational development in a happy atmosphere
  • Helps each child develop a lively, enquiring mind
  • Encourage courtesy and respect for others
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Sentinel School Kabitaka offers a safe and nurturing environment for children to explore and become independent thinkers and communicators. The Early learning years program (1 to 5 years) focuses on the whole child in a supportive, enriching environment where play-based learning is facilitated by highly skilled teachers. Indoor and outdoor structured play helps them learn to navigate social relationships, explore personal interests, and develop interpersonal skills.

Primary school in Solwezi, Zambia

Sentinel School Kabitaka Primary School teaches literacy, numeracy and science and have a bespoke curriculum for humanities. The school ensures that history and geography lessons relate to Zambia. The primary achievement is to help individuals to discover their own passions and interests, adding a new dimension to their lives.
  • Nurture a strong sense of self-discipline and moral values
  • Help each child to understand the world in which we live
  • Build self-confidence and enable every child to obtain satisfaction and fulfillment
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Sentinel School Kabitaka offers a holistic program that supports the intellectual, physical, cultural and social needs of the pupils. The primary years are set to achieve a secure level of functionality and effectiveness in the core skills which includes:

  • Reading
  • Oral and written communication
  • Creativity
  • Confidence.

The pupils participate in a structured and challenging curriculum within a program that is flexible enough to accommodate differences in skill sets, learning styles, and individual interests.

Secondary school in Solwezi, Zambia

Sentinel School Kabitaka offers the Cambridge curriculum, along with IGCSEs. A vibrant and balanced co-curricular programme that encompasses sport, music, art, drama and many other activities. It offers a culture of creativity, innovation and excellence and provides opportunities for service to others, self-reliance and leadership.
  • Fostering academic excellence
  • Encourages all pupils to shine
  • Inspires innovation
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Sentinel School Kabitaka Secondary School follows the Cambridge curriculum, along with IGCSEs.  The secondary education is divided into two categories, Junior (Lower) Secondary and Senior (Upper) Secondary.

The secondary school environments ensure that learning objectives in one subject flow into others, consolidating learning and allowing students to make personally meaningful connections through experiential tasks. Each subject offers clear objectives and assessment standards. IGCSE is designed to be accessible to students of a wide range of abilities. Learners develop knowledge and understanding as well as skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving.

Contact information

Kabitaka Hills Solwezi Road, Solwezi, Zambia
P.O. Box
PO Box 110506, Solwezi, North Western Province, Zambia
Enquire below
+260 969 457853

Opening times

07.10 – 15.30
07.10 – 15.30
07.10 – 15.30
07.10 – 15.30
07.10 – 15.30