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Basic information

Sonar International

Lusaka, Zambia

Incorporated in 1993, Sonar International is one of the largest importers and wholesalers of steel products. The company also cuts, bends and fixes steel, offering a professional and cost-effective service. It stocks other materials such as galvanised roofing, ridges, simulation galvanised wire, whirly bird vents, bond deck and span deck. In addition, Sonar International supplies and distributes glass, scaffolding and other building supplies. The company can quote for and supply any size and complexity of project.

Work at Sonar International?
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Sonar International distributes high quality certified steel from South African mills ArcelorMittal, Highveld, Scaw and Cape Gate, as well as steel manufactured by Universal Mining in Kafue, Zambia. Steel can be cut or bent to customers' requirements. Roofing coils and roofing sheets are also available for distribution.

This company has a professionally managed team which believes in sourcing and procuring high quality products at competitive prices. They wholesale their steel products to the majority of the steel retailers and hardware stores in Lusaka as well as other parts of Zambia.

Sonar International supplies individuals, corporates and institutions with competitively priced steel products, giving an excellent and efficient service. This has made them one of the leading companies in the steel industry in Zambia.

Steel processing options
Sonar offers steel cutting, bending and fixing of deformed bars, round bars and reinforced steel. Sonar is one of the few companies in Zambia with fully automated cutting and bending machinery (imported from Denmark, South Africa and China). They can cut and bend up to 600 metric tonnes of steel per month. The straightening line can straighten debars up to 16mm in diameter, with a capacity of 2000 metric tonnes per month. This service means that steel can be cut and bent with minimum wastage.

Range of steel products

  • Reinforcement bars
  • Cold rolled sheets
  • Hot rolled plates
  • Bennox plates
  • Galvanised sheets and coils
  • Angles Flat bars
  • Channels square, rectangular and round tubings
  • Borehole casings
  • Square bars
  • IPE Sections
  • U beams and columns
  • Lipped channels
  • Conforce rolls
  • Binding wire
  • GI pipes
  • Expanded metal

Glass and retail division

  • Plot 1658 Panganani Road
  • Lusaka Telephone: +260 211 221239
  • Fax: +260 211 286829
  • E-mail : [email protected]

Retail division and warehouse

  • Plot 7179/80 Mukatasha Road
  • Lusaka Telephone: +260 211 287741 or +260 211 286306
  • Fax: +260 211 286829
  • [email protected]

Wholesale division

  • 17101 off Mumbwa Road
  • Lusaka Telephone: +260 211 287330, +260 211 287331 or +260 211 287332
  • Fax: +260 211 287332
  • Email: [email protected]

Sonar International Steel

Building materials

Sonar International has a professionally managed team which believes in sourcing and procuring high quality building supplies at competitive prices. They offer competitively priced building supplies to individuals, corporates and institutions. Sonar also offer glass supplies, roofing and accessories.

Glass supplies
Sonar International sources and supplies a large variety of glass suitable for both individual homes and corporate buildings. Glass is available in all types, supplied in sheets and cut to size.

Sonar International also stocks the following brands of products:

Alcolin products
Sonar International supplies the entire range of Alcolin adhesives including cold glue, contact adhesives, filler foam and silicon.

Pferd products
A broad range of Pferd products including cutting discs and grinding discs.

PG Bison products
Timber and wood based products like Supawood/MDF, worktops and laminated boards.

Welding roads
Sonar also supplies various sizes of mild steel welding rods

Sonar sells and hires out scaffolding

Building materials

Sonar International Building materials

Roofing materials

This company supplies galvanised Chromadek, Bond-Deck and Spandeck roofing systems. Sonar International also provides a wide selection of accessories including coils, sheets, ridges, vents, galvanised wire and sisalation. This company's team possesses the knowledge and experience to help each client with their purchase.

Sonar International is one of the largest distributors of a broad range of roofing systems and accessories in Zambia. The company’s array of products covers everything that a professional or do-it-yourself roofer might need.

Basing their judgement on a client’s building plan, Sonar International’s team are always on hand to provide advice on the quantities and dimensions of materials a customer will need for the roofing project.

Whether it is for residential or commercial roofing purposes, Sonar International guarantees to offer a complete range of supplies to meet various roofing needs.

Roofing materials

Sonar International Roofing materials