SpeedPay Mobile

SpeedPay Mobile aggregates various bills including airtime, digital television subscriptions and electricity vouchers, thereby connecting various merchants to the market. This company promotes person to person money transfer through local and international remittances. It also offers a wide selection of biometric (finger print) identification solutions. SpeedPay promotes financial inclusion by providing banking services to the unbanked, under banked and banked through a carefully selected agency footprint.


Money transfers in Lusaka, Zambia

At affordable rates, SpeedPay Mobile offers businesses and individuals a secure way to send and receive funds nationwide without opening an account. The service is reliable, money is transferred at all times and clients enjoy bank grade security levels on their investment. Processing a transfer is quick and the procedure is simple.
  • A secure way to send and receive funds locally
  • Processing is a transfer is quick and simple
  • Affordable transfer rates
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SpeedPay Mobile’s industry-leading technology protects its clients’ money and guarantees it arrives safely and hassle free every time. The company is built on the belief that the success of any business is premised on its ability to provide its products at least cost and reliably and that the needs of customers matter at all times. SpeedPay Mobile aims to help its clients save money and time on their local money transfers.

Bill & air-time payments in Lusaka, Zambia

SpeedPay Mobile aggregates various bills by providing payment solutions to its clients and the delivery modus of these is a huge paradigm shift to the norm. The company takes advantage of standard cell phone capabilities to make secure and convenient financial transactions possible for anyone with a cell phone.
  • Company aggregates various bills
  • Secure and convenient financial transactions
  • Technology works on any mobile network and any handset type
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Their technology works on any mobile network and any handset type with nothing to download or modify. It is based on the sophisticated but very easy to use NSDT (Near Sound Data Technology).

SpeedPay Mobile also equips its agents with sophisticated POS equipment, which is GPRS, GSM (dual sim) Wi-Fi ready. The redundancy provided by the various modes of connectivity, ensures product delivery is never compromised.

This company has a goal to bring convenience to the general public through the delivery of products that are staples. SpeedPay makes it easy for the general public to access products such as talk time, digital television subscriptions.

Biometric (finger print) identification solutions in Lusaka, Zambia

This company provides biometric solutions to enhance risk management for any organisation looking to use biometrics identification to mitigate against fraud. SpeedPay Mobile ensures that only the intended beneficiary accesses the service or funds through the use of their range of biometric identification solutions.
  • Biometric (finger print) enrolment and identification at point of service
  • Full Optics over beneficiaries accessing services or funds
  • Technicians available for installations and training
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SpeedPay Mobile offers world renowned biometric identification devices. The company’s broad range of products includes, access control systems as well as time and attendance devices. SpeedPay has provided quality identity management solutions to various leading organisations in Zambia.

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