Sporting Guns

Sporting Guns has become one of the main firearms dealers in Zambia. Its retail outlets in Lusaka and Livingstone stock a vast range of guns and have in-house gunsmiths and repair workshops. The company also has a fully operational shooting range in Lusaka. Founded in 1996, Sporting Guns has grown and now runs a large retail outlet in Lusaka. The company has a huge range of firearms and accessories including rifles, shotguns, handguns, scopes and defence products.


Guns and ammunition in Multiple locations

Sporting Guns sells rifles, shotguns , handguns, air-guns and a full range of ammunition and accessories. It has an in-house gunsmith operation for all repairs as well as full rebuilds, and dealerships with Thor, Anschutz, Sports ATCH UK, Hatsan Army Company, Ruger, Norica and Air Arms.  
  • Continues to offer the latest and best in firearms
  • Experienced members of staff are on hand to give guidance
  • An in-house gunsmith operation
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A variety of firearms and accessories

Sporting Guns supplies a huge variety of firearms and accessories as follows:

  • Rifles – Anshutz, Browning, Zoli, CZ, Weatherby
  • Shotguns – Beretta, Hatsan, Huglu, Zoli
  • Handguns – Glock and Taurus
  • Air-guns – Airarms, BSA, Gamo, Weirauch
  • Full range of ammunition and accessories

Sporting Guns has the largest stock of air rifles and accessories in Zambia. To ensure it continues to offer the latest and best in firearms, it has exclusive dealerships with Thor, Anschutz, Sports ATCH UK, Hatsan Army Company, Ruger, Norica and Air Arms.


In-house gunsmith
Sporting Guns’ own gunsmith provides advice, repairs and maintenance. Sporting Guns Ltd has a fully equipped workshop with lathe and milling machines and can undertake all types of repairs and full gun overhauls. Repair services have a 2 year warranty.

A hot bluing service is available on site, and the company manufactures and sells blanks.

Sporting Guns Ltd key information

  • Retail shops in both Lusaka and Livingstone
  • A shooting range on the Leopards Hill Road just outside Lusaka

Exclusive dealerships

  • Thor
  • Anschutz
  • Sports ATCH UK
  • Hatsan Army Company
  • Ruger
  • Norica
  • Air Arms

Shooting range in Multiple locations

Sporting Guns operates a shooting range that offers two types of clay pigeon shooting – English Sporting and Skeet Shooting. The company caters for individual shooters as well as groups and corporate shoots, providing the novice and experienced shot with a wide range of fun and challenging targets.
  • A shooting range that offers two types of clay pigeon shooting
  • For individual shooters as well as groups and corporate shoots
  • An array of quality guns and gear available for hire
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Automatic traps with 300 loads of clay are used to throw the clay pigeons consistently in the same position. Experienced members of staff are on hand to give guidance. There is an array of quality Beretta shot guns, sporting guns, handguns and rifles available for hire for clients that do not have their own guns. The company will provide professional instructions (by appointment). Other equipment available include jackets, caps, safety glasses and ear defenders.

Shooting lessons
Six different clay disciplines are available. Groups are split up according to experience. Groups are small so that each client receives personal instruction. Mini competitions can also be organised on request.

Each shooting level has its own challenges and the instructor will advise on the correct one depending on your experience:

  • The novice – Each session begins with an introduction to safe gun handling, eye dominance, gun fit and stance, followed by an initial practice exercise. Students are moved up to more challenging exercises as they learn the skills.
  • Intermediary – You will shoot on one of the five main layouts, each one designed to international standards. Choose between English Skeet, Olympic Skeet, Down the Line (DTL), Automatic Ball Trap (ABT), and Compak Sporting/Sportrap.
  • Experienced – Activities are as for intermediate but the targets have more difficult projectiles.

Corporate social responsibility and interests
Sporting Guns is working closely with the Zambia Olympic committee and Sports Council, with the aim of taking the Zambian clay shooting team to the Commonwealth Games, and hopefully to the next Olympics.

Contact information

Grosvenor Court Cairo Road, Lusaka, Zambia
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+260 975 381443

Opening times

08:30 – 17:00
08:30 – 17:00
08:30 – 17:00
08:30 – 17:00
08:30 – 17:00
08:30 – 13:00

Other locations

Lusaka East, Lusaka
City Centre, Livingstone
+260 975 381443