Tech Power Ltd

Tech Power offers a full range of power generation solutions, supplying TMTL diesel generators (Tafe/Eicher), as well as WPL solar generators. With a team of experienced engineers, this company also provides efficient and reliable energy consultation services to assist potential investors in the power generation and transmission sectors from concept stage to quick implementation. Tech Power focuses on creating flexible, efficient and environmentally advanced energy solutions.


Generators in Lusaka, Zambia

Tech Power offers power generation solutions capable of satisfying continuous and efficient energy supply needs. They are exclusive suppliers of India’s leading brand of TMTL diesel generators, as well as WPL solar generators. Tech Power provides world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to customers.
  • Exclusive suppliers of TMTL diesel generators and WPL solar generators
  • Solutions that satisfy continuous and efficient energy supply needs
  • World-class products that deliver the best customer experience possible
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TMTL diesel generators
As one of the pioneers in manufacturing diesel engines in India with a heritage of more than 55 years lending to its expertise, TMTL Engines division envisages growing exponentially in the power generation segment by providing cutting edge technology, fuel efficiency, and lowest cost of ownership.

Engines are certified for ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for environment, OHSAS 18001 and TS 1694. They have a fully operational R and D center with a continued technology transfer tie up with Ricardo Consulting Engineers (UK) and AVL, Austria. With an emphasis to meet global standards of quality and productivity, TMTL engines division employs quality management tools like TQM, TPM, SGA and Kaizen extensively.

Features and benefits

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Best in class fuel efficiency
  • Lowest maintenance
  • Longest overhauling period
  • Most economical genset

A1 governing

  • Quality of power
  • Lowest flickering and fluctuation

High moment of inertia

  • Best in class block loading capacity
  • Better performance at varying loads

Individual blowers (air cooled range)

  • Even cooling of all the cylinders
  • Better efficiency

Turbo charger with intercooler (water cooler)

  • Better engine efficiency

Most reliable engines

  • Prime power rating available across range
  • Most powerful engines in their class

Acoustic enclosure
Data sheet

  • Longer life

40 mm PU form (5 to 62.5 KVA)
50 mm PU form (82.5 to 125 KVA)

  • Thickest in its class
  • Low noise and vibration level
  • Super silent options available

Silencer inside the canopy

  • Better aesthetics
  • Longer life of silencer

Compact size

  • Saves space
  • Suitable for roof top installation

Large doors on both sides
Drain provided for lube oil and fuel tank

  • Ease of maintenance

Unitary front and back panel
Canopy with internal bolting
Stainless steel hinges with SS studs
SSslam locks with barrel and padlock arrangement

  • Higher degree of safety

Dual fuel lock
S-bend fuel pipe
Stainless steel fuel strainer

  • Pilferage proof

State of art powder coating plant

  • Long life weather protection

Additional customer benefits

  • Single point of contact
  • Back up spares assistance
  • Regular servicing and maintenance
  • Highly qualified and trained service team
  • Post service feedback mechanism

Tech Power care

  • Installation, servicing and maintenance systems

Customized AMCs/CMCs

  • Lifelong association

Assistance in load calculation

  • Optimum sizing of the genset

Installation assistance

  • Better life and performance

Training of genset operators

  • Better maintenance and optimisation

Solar Gensets
The rising cost of fuel and electricity has sharply focused the need and desirability of solar powered solutions especially for the low medium income urban communities. In order to provide a reliable and low cost community solution, Tech Power Ltd has evolved the ideal solutions in Zambia- the fully integrated Tech Power Solar Gensets which are available as off-the-shelf do it yourself (DIY) solar gensets which need no installation or maintenance. These solar gensets come in various sizes/capacity to suit the individual needs of households. They come with suitable warranties and are extremely affordable.

Power and Energy sectors project liasion in Lusaka, Zambia

Tech Power designs, evaluates and supports effective and cost-efficient market strategies in order to help its clients meet their energy supply requirements. The company has positioned itself to assist potential investors in the power generation and transmission and energy sectors from concept stage to quick implementation.
  • Design, evaluation and support of effective and cost-efficient solutions
  • Innovative solutions across the entire spectrum of power generation
  • Proficient team of technical and business experts
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Zambia has recently suffered a critical shortage of electric power and there is urgent need to put in place additional power generation capacity to fill in the shortfall and have surplus power to export to the neighbouring countries.

Zambia is blessed with very large potential for power generation through hydro, solar, wind and geothermal interventions and is therefore a very promising candidate for such power projects.

Tech Power’s experience and capabilities are based on:

  • In-depth knowledge of opportunities and pitfalls
  • Top level contacts with Ministry of Energy and the national utility company  ZESCO
  • Top level contacts with Zambia Development Authority (ZDA)
  • Close contacts with International Power Generation Developers
  • Close contact with International Financiers for power projects
  • International networking with regional power projects


  • Petroleum refineries
  • Petroleum crude oil and finished products pipelines
  • Financing

Contact information

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PO Box 33342, Lusaka, Zambia
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