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Basic information

Tolp Enterprises Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia

Tolp Enterprises Ltd manufactures Tolp Aqua mineral water using state of the art technologies. The purification process is augmented by UV treatment at the final stage. The company is World Health Organisation compliant, and takes all hygiene factors very seriously. Since its inception, Tolp Enterprises has been one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of quality mineral water. This is a company with reliable machinery that uses revolutionary technology.

Work at Tolp Enterprises Ltd?
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Processing and distribution

Tolp Aqua mineral water is presented in 500ml and 750ml plastic bottles with tamper-proof lids, and in 20l refills for water coolers and water dispensers. The company is constantly modernising its plant by installing new equipment, thus continuously improving the quality of the end product.

As a result of continuous innovation and experience in the mineral water industry, Tolp Enterprises produces a superior product that is distributed throughout the whole of Zambia through agents and wholesalers.

The purification processes
Tolp Aqua mineral water is purified, bottled and distributed using state of the art technology. This technology involves pumping water through various filtration stages using the reverse osmosis process. This purification process is augmented by UV treatment, producing high quality drinking water.

Hygiene factors
During all stages of production and distribution – processing, bottling, storage and subsequent distribution of the product – Tolp Enterprises pays particular attention to hygiene. Tolp mineral water is World Health Organisation compliant.

Processing and distribution

Tolp Enterprises Ltd Processing and distribution