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Total Zambia operates 48 service stations across the nine provinces of Zambia, their stations are open seven days a week. Their Bonjour shops and kiosks offer a wide range of products to satisfy the needs of its customers. Restaurants and cafeterias are also available in some of their sites to enable their customers to relax before, during or after their trip within the country. Total Zambia pride themselves in providing customers with products and services that are safer, cleaner, more efficient and innovative.


Petroleum oil marketing in Lusaka, Zambia

Total offers a range of fuels that, being made with the latest technologies, enable vehicles to get the best performance from their engines. Total Zambia offers petroleum products that conform to international standards to ensure that customers are assured of optimum performance.
  • High-quality fuels, complying to the most stringent standards
  • Lubrifiants formulated using the latest technology and continuous R&D
  • Oils for cars and motorcycles to boats and garden equipment
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Unleaded premium petrol
Knowing its responsibility for a better environment of today and tomorrow, Total supplies unleaded premium petrol to the Zambian market. Fuel does not contain lead as an after burn product which causes biological poisoning to human beings.It does, however, have high octane rating which is 91 making it suitable for many modern petrol engines.

Total Zambia, supplies diesel to both industrial customers and the general public. Diesel is available in all the nine provinces of Zambia through our vast network of service stations and consumer sites. Generally classified a high sulphur product suitable for many light & heavy duty engines that specifies for such a fuel

Low sulphur diesel
A product containing approximately 250 ppm sulphur +/- for the more modern compression ignition engines

Aviation fuels
Total Zambia supply Jet A1 at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and Solwezi Airport with a dedicated fleet of trucks. Total Zambia sources Jet A1 both locally and internationally to ensure product availability to its clients at all times. 

Total lubricants
Total has a comprehensive range of lubricants that optimize the performance and prolong the longevity of your specific vehicle or equipment, from cars and motorcycles to boats and garden equipment.

Cars and heavy duty equipment
Total lubrifiants’ high-performance Total  brand ranges offer you just the right product, no matter what kind of car you drive.

Total products meet the requirements of daily use for all types of two-wheelers and engines. You’ll find what you need in Total lubricants’ product ranges.

Light aircraft
Breakdowns are bad enough on the road, but in the air, they’re to be avoided at all costs! Total lubrifiants’ products for light aircraft are top quality and designed to keep your engine in excellent condition… and keep you safe.

Garden equipment
Total lubrifiants has a complete range of products dedicated entirely to gardening! Discover our oils for everything from chainsaws to wood-processing equipment.

Petrol stations in Lusaka, Zambia

Total Zambia provides quality unleaded petrol, diesel, and domestic fuels at competitive prices complete with fast and friendly services. They also offer lubricants, bitumen, natural gas, special fluids and fuel additives, power and solar photovoltaic solutions. Total stations ensure you both a high-quality service and a warm welcome.
  • Exclusive superior quality fuels
  • Fuel options to meet all your needs
  • All lubricantss are certified and delivered in sealed packages
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Car wash or car care
Fuel customers are offered a free oil check and windscreen washing service.

Car Wash: you will find high-quality Total cleaning products with no appointment needed, a professional service, and a good price range with different car wash packages.

Service: this offer comprises 10 safety checks free of charge including the oil change package, and commitments such as high quality Total products, clearly displayed prices, and qualified employees.

Petrol unleaded
Total offers a range of fuels that, being made with the latest technologies, enable vehicles to get the best performance from their engines. Total Zambia offers petroleum products that conform to international standards to ensure that customers are assured of optimum performance.

Diesel engines
Total Zambia supplies diesel to both industrial customers and the general public.

Domestic fuels
Their retail sites country wide generally offer Domestic Kerosene (DK) It is on average the cheapest commodity on the forecourt that caters for the average consumer.



Haulage and Logistics in Lusaka, Zambia

Total performs quality controls on its fuels throughout the logistics chain in order to ensure the distribution of superior quality fuels. The additives developed by Total research are added to the fuel during the filling of the tanker-trucks, prior to delivery to Total stations. Dedicated tankers deliver throughout Zambia.
  • Regularly monitors the quality of the fuels in its depots.
  • Undisputed technical expertise and knowledge of fuels and biofuels
  • Exclusive superior quality fuels because of systematic quality controls
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Total have dedicated delivery  tankers that move the fuel from the refinery in Ndola to their storage facilities and then to the filling stations throughout the country.

Total Zambia have implemented strict procedures through its distribution process, and control their products regularly to check out for potential defects as air oxidation or water presence in the products.

Total research and its subsidiary ACS develop specific additives for each fuel. As such, Total proposes superior quality fuels with improved performances thanks to the addition of these additives.

At Total Zambia, they work hard every day to guarantee the safety of our customers, through equipments and installations (extinguishers, sand boxes, padlocked fill boxes). Their teams are regularly trained to deal with risky situations.

Total is a founding member of the international Joint Inspection Group (JIG). The mission of the JIG is to promote safety, quality control and efficiency at aviation fuel facilities and develop greater global standardization of aviation fuel operating standards.


Food and Groceries in Lusaka, Zambia

The Bonjour stores offer a range of everyday essentials such as drinks, snacks, groceries or hygiene products so you can find whatever you need – whenever you need it. You'll also find an extensive range of lubricants and car care products. Some Total Zambia’s stores are open 24 hours to make your shopping experience convenient.
  • Some stores are open 24 hours
  • Hot and cold food and drinks available to take away
  • Just think of your Total service station as your one-stop shop
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The Shop or Kiosk is a much smaller convenience store that specialises in the sale of impulse fast moving consumer goods like drinks and snacks. These shops are situated at a number of service stations on the network and they also exude a charming welcome.

The store stocks a wide range of car care products including

  • Maintenance: these products are specifically designed for the regular maintenance of the vehicle
  • Performance: products developed to increase engine performance
  • Protection and comfort: products dedicated to car care and inside comfort

Take away restaurant in Lusaka, Zambia

Galito's is the best tasting flame grilled chicken in the world, with massive flavour right through is one of Total's partner restaurants in the Bonjour shop. You'll also find an in some service stations Pizza Inn a menu that includes specialty pizzas like the Meaty Max and the Taco Pizza. As well as a list of fresh toppings to customize your pizza.
  • Just a coffee? Enjoy the coffee corner, with a tasty coffee and fresh bakeries
  • Need a snack? Get what you need in the shop
  • Fancy a real meal? Find out Totals partners' menus
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Galito’s traditional marinade is made from all natural ingredients infused with select herbs and spices. Slowly marinated for at least 24 hours, flame grilled to perfection and served to order, making it the healthiest, tastiest flame grilled chicken in town.

  • Authentic Flame Grilled Succulent Chicken
  • Affordable, quality meals
  • Unique spicy Galito’s flavour
  • Vibrant and friendly shop atmosphere
  • Exciting menu variety

Pizza Inn is your number one choice for traditional and gourmet pizzas. Order yours today!

You can choose to eat your chicken or pizza in the Bonjour Cafe or take away and continue your journey.

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