Uniturtle Industries Zambia Ltd


Uniturtle Industries Zambia is the holding company of five companies in Zambia, namely Turtle Blinds that provides quality window covering solutions, Ambassador St. Ann’s Funeral Homes the first funeral home in Zambia, Turtle Lime a dolomitic lime produced company - lime improves soil physical structure with better water infiltration, Turtle Tiles and Bricks that provides full outdoor paving and installation solutions and Turtle Awards provides a premier selection of sporting awards, cups, shields and more.

Turtle Blinds - quality window covering solutions in Zambia. Ambassador St. Ann's Funeral Homes - Zambia’s first funeral home. Turtle Lime production of dolomitic lime. Turtle Tiles & Bricks - quality cement paving bricks and tiles. Turtle Awards - sporting awards, cups, shields, plaques and medals.

  • The holding company of five companies in Zambia
  • Turtle Blinds, Ambassador St. Ann’s Funeral Homes
  • Turtle Lime, Turtle Tiles and Bricks and Turtle Awards
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