Yalelo is a top supplier of fresh tilapia fish in Zambia. It aims to move Zambia into a regional power house by developing its fisheries and aquaculture. Yalelo's modern aquaculture methods promote sustainability, helping to neutralise the impact of catastrophic overfishing. This company specialises in fish farming, and supplying tilapia fish to the Zambian and regional market. Yalelo prides itself in the supply of quality fish to wholesalers, retailers and individuals.


Aquaculture in Multiple locations

There is a shortage of fish in Zambia and nearby countries because of decades of overfishing which has decreased natural stocks. With a world class local management team skilled in aquaculture, Yalelo seeks to replenish supply chains and change buying patterns in Zambia, with customers consuming fresh local brands.
  • Aquaculture experts
  • Farms and supplies organic tilapia fish
  • Aims to help achieve sustainable development goals
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Yalelo breeds organic tilapia fish in Lake Kariba, Zambia, and supplies it fresh to the consumer market. Fish are fed on grains and allowed to grow in floating nets on the open water. Yalelo practises modern aquaculture methods to ensure fish reach their optimum size.

Over-fishing is a problem in Zambia (and worldwide). Yalelo is breeding and growing tilapia in a sustainable way in order to reverse this trend. Some positive outcomes will be improved food security, better local diets and larger wild fish populations.

Yalelo works closely with the local community, providing employment and supporting several development projects around Lake Kariba.

Processing and distribution in Multiple locations

Yalelo's quality organic Kariba tilapia are kept frozen in cold rooms before distribution. Orders of fish are packed between layers of ice and transported by road. For long distances refrigerated trucks are used. Yalelo fish is ideal for shops, supermarkets, hotels and lodges.
  • Organic tilapia packed very efficiently and effectively for quality resale
  • Packed in layers of ice and transported by road
  • Fish reared naturally and healthily - a good source of protein
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Distribution process
Before the fish reach market they are first stored in a cool place where water is constantly poured on them to keep them wet. They are then kept frozen in cold rooms.

Transportation and deliveries
Once the fish are ready for the buyer, they are packed in boxes together with layers of ice and transported to the market place. Packing is very efficient and fish arrive in excellent condition. Road transport via refrigerated trucks is the most common method of transportation.

Contact information

6981 Mukwa Road, Lusaka, Zambia
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+260 211 844631
+260 971 231880
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Other locations

Chelstone, Lusaka
+260 966 247738
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