Zambian Safes and Equipment


This company manufactures and installs a wide selection of safes. Zambian Safes and Equipment also supplies and installs high quality security doors, access control systems, security cameras and various security banking equipment. All products offered are compliant with the most stringent of Zambia Bureau of Standards, resistive mechanical sensitive edges. The company prides itself in the ability to match the international quality standards in all products and services provided.


Security equipment in Lusaka, Zambia

Zambian Safes and Equipment incorporates the latest technology in manufacturing and installing world class safes and vault security doors. The company also manufactures a variety of banking equipment including cash in transit boxes, FD40 cabinets, fire proof filing cabinets, cash mesh baskets and teller canisters.
  • Company incorporates the latest technology in manufacturing
  • Products can be custom made to suit specific requirements
  • One year warranty on all products
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Zambian Safes and Equipment manufactures products of the highest quality backed by expertise and experience at affordable rates.

The company manufactures fire rated safes that are in line with the central bank’s’ requirements. Zambian Safes and Equipment offers its customers a 1 year guaranty on their safes, as well as a full service every 6 months by the highly skilled team. Their range of safes includes money and document safes which are available in different sizes.

Vault security doors
Their vault security doors range from category one to six, all with grill doors. They can be fitted or installed with an emergency door. Zambian Safes and Equipment manufactures these doors to match its customer’s exact requirements with their technical team always available to oversee installations. Vault security doors are guaranteed for one year and serviced every six months.


Security systems in Lusaka, Zambia

Zambian Safes and Equipment supplies and installs a full range of state of the art security systems for home and business security purposes that include crossed circuit cameras (CCTV), access control and alarm systems. This company provides more than just security systems, but also an excellent customer service.
  • Supply and installation of state of the art security systems
  • Professional tech support on all its products
  • Security consultancy services on new buildings
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Zambian Safes and Equipment specialises in providing its customers with the latest security solutions to protect them against various threats such as theft, crime, fraud and low productivity. With vast experience, this company assesses the needs of its customers and quickly makes comprehensive system designs that best meet their customers’ security requirements.

Zambian Safes and Equipment offers individuals and businesses the following security systems:

Access control
These systems are specially designed to combine maximum protection with simplicity of operation for employees. Keypad, biotech, keycard and RFID systems record all entry or exit events in a data log.

Security cameras
Zambian Safes and Equipment installs and supplies a wide selection of crossed circuit cameras (CCTV) that are designed to record events at home and business premises. The cameras also act as a visible deterrent to criminals.

Alarm systems
Designed for safety and security, Zambian Safes and Equipment supplies and installs top range alarm systems which can be accessed, armed or disarmed remotely by using a cell phone, tablet or computer. Their alarm systems are able to send alert notifications, giving a peace of mind.

All security systems come with a one year warranty and six months service by arrangement.


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