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With 30,000 subscribers (email newsletter, Facebook and Twitter), and a monthly website audience of 90,000 people, is already an effective marketing platform for products and services in Zambia. Now we’re adding dedicated sections to ensure thousands of people also hear about your events, offers and news.

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Feature Basic Premium
Spread the word about company news
Delight customers with special offers
Fully book your events
Fill your job vacancies
Events, Offers and News page
Advertise your promotion
Image, title and business name
Pinned to top for 30 days
Priority listing order
Promotion detail page
List promotion details e.g. event date, venue, price
Zoomable branded image, flyer or brochure
Google map
No adverts
Link to your company profile page
Advertise your promotion so more people see it
Gain increased exposure
Priority social media and email marketing
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The Best of Zambia is a fantastic website allowing us to have exposure within and outside of Zambia. It performs very well on Google search and the team are very proactive with their blogs, e-newsletters, events, offers and news channels. We are very pleased to work with them.
Shivani Patel, Director
Bookworld Ltd · Joined Oct 2010

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