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Boring? Incomprehensible? Outdated? Not on your life! If you've ever thought the Bible was dry and impersonal, this exciting book is going to change your mind. Discover what the Bible says about your life, family, health, problems and future. Learn how you can have peace and happiness. Explore the Bible's fascinating stories and find new meaning for your life. Feel God's life-changing power and relentless love. A friendly and practical book that shows you how to read your Bible for maximum comprehension, enjoyment and spiritual growth. So you grow to your full potential.
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Many people want to be rich. They want to make a good living for themselves and their children. But how many of us know what it really means to be rich? In this book, Roger Hernandez and David Paczka confront ideas about money management for Christians and bust a few myths about what the Bible has to say. Based on the 'open hand principle', they challenge you to 'give as you've never given before', making room for God's blessings in your own life. This practical guide, packed with scriptural references for saving, budgeting and getting out of debt, will help you change your relationship with money, and ultimately, family and friends. Take the opportunity to be More Than Rich, today! Absolutely!
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Dr Ben Carson is known as the originator of ground-breaking-surgical procedures, a doctor who turns impossible hopes into joyous realities. He is known as well as a compassionate humanitarian who reaches beyond corporate boardrooms to touch the lives of inner-city kids. What guides him? The Big Picture. A vision of something truly worth living for, something that calls forth the best of his amazing talents, energy, and focus. In The Big Picture, Dr Carson shares with you the overarching philosophy that has shaped his life, causing him to rise from failure to far-reaching influence. This book is not about HOW to succeed, it's about WHY to succeed. It's about broadening your perspectives. It's about finding a vision for your own life that can reframe your priorities, energize your efforts, and inspire you to change the world around you. Yes change the world around you
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This is a guide book on diet therapy. Information is provided for you to understand better your physical condition, know what dietary management to follow, and learn how to prepare the right diet for the specific illness from which you may be suffering. This book is composed of four interrelated sections: Part- 1 Health Disorders. Common health problems and diseases are listed and described, with a discussion on their causes and possible symptoms. Part- 2 Diet Therapy. Various Dietary regiments are provided to meet the food requirements of those with health disorders. A short description of the kind of diet for a particular ailment introduces you to 3-day Menu Sample. Part- 3 Recipes. Vegetation recipes designed for the 3-day Menu Sample in the previous section are arranged alphabetically. Part- 4 Appendix. This section includes other important items to help you follow the dietary prescriptions, like the things you need in planning well-balanced vegetarian meal.
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Who would have ever thought that the lowly, soft, brittle, light, black, porous material which gives a glow to the fireplace will eventually be burning hot in the market of traditional medicine at present? Despite the popularity of charcoal, there are still some people who are not sold to its potency due to misinformation and cluelessness. As they visit the nearest drugstore and supermarket they become ash gray over the dizzying prices of charcoal in tablet, capsule, or activated form. Charcoal therapy need not burn a hole in the pocket. It can be initiated right within, without leaving the confines and comfort of home. Healing Wonders of Charcoal is an expensive medium that provides information on the history and three decades of thorough studies from insect bites to the most complex diseases as cancer. It contains an easy-to-follow procedure and a step-by-step application of charcoal therapy. It includes real cases of patients whose lives and physical conditions have been made whole through the Healing Wonders of Charcoal.
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Of the 119 plant-derived pharmaceutical medicines 74% are used in modern medicine in ways that correlate directly with their traditional uses as plant medicines by native cultures. A retrospection of the healing power of plants and return natural remedies is an absolute need of our time. The simple style of writing and the presentation of facts in points make this book more readable and easy to follow. It is truly a guide to the use of medicinal plants. Every person should have a knowledge of nature's remedial agencies and how to apply them. There are herbs that are harmless, the use of which will tide over many apparently serious difficulties. Health care is not only everyone's right, but everyone's responsibility, Informed self-care should be the main goal of any health program or activity. Nearly 80% of the world population in developing countries is dependent on traditional medicine for primary health care. Herbal medicine constitutes a large part of what is practised as traditional medicine around the world.
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Dr Saustin Mfune is known in the countries of Eastern Africa as a master story-teller. He holds large gatherings of children and young people spell-bound as his stories unfold. Educated in Africa and the United States of America, Saustin Mfune is a specialist youth director known to millions. In this volume, Dr Mfune tells some of the best stories in his gripping, inimitable style. There are tremendous insights into life and the things of God.
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Authorised King James Version Bible with Mark Finley Bible Study Helps. Self-pronouncing. Red-letter edition. Black hardcover
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Your children will treasure the insights from Ellen White's book, Steps to Christ, briefly summarized here in simple words that they can easily understand and accompanied by vivid pictures for them to colour in. Pointers for discussion and prayer can also be found at the back, allowing you to connect with your child, and your child to connect with God.

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