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The Zambian Art & Design Show is held annually a few weeks before Christmas - just right for Christmas shopping! The 2017 show took place on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November at Leopards Hill Polo Crosse Club. Thousands of visitors come along each year for a family day out as well as a unique opportunity to purchase quality artwork, distinctive art and craft designs, home furnishings, and fashion, jewellery and beauty products from over 40 exhibitors.
For children aged 1 to 9, Funky Frogs Zambia is an indoor play centre and party venue offering a variety of activity stations that are designed to improve balance, co-ordination and other stimuli while reinforcing social skills in group play activities. The centre has installed professional security systems and has a trained team to ensure your child is safe. As a parent, you can enjoy a lovely cup of coffee and a snack from their funky menu. The centre is air conditioned and can be heated up on cold winter days.
Great for a group excursion or family day out, Kalimba Reptile Park is a popular attraction offering lots of 'scaly' sites and activities including fishing. Nestling in the lush basin of the Ngwerere stream, this is one of the best tourist destinations in Lusaka that offers a fun filled day out for locals as well as international visitors. The reptile park is an extension of Kalimba Farms which specialises primarily in crocodile farming, but also produces top quality free range Pekin ducks and fish.
Zack Chisha Sikazwe also known as Zack Songs was born in 1998 on the 16th of February. Influenced by recording artists such as Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Justin Bieber and many more RnB and soul artists, he started writing, singing, dancing and performing at the age of 7. Zack decided to join the music industry in 2008. He started out as an underground artist in Lusaka and has developed a career full of contradictions and wild swings.
Lightfoot Zambia (formerly Jackal and Hide) creates high quality leather handbags and accessories from local cowhides, there is also a range of handcrafted interior art and crafts. All these items are uniquely made by talented craftsmen, using only the best imported fittings and materials. Visit the home of Lightfoot at Sugarbush Farm and see a wide range of their products in The Design House.
Afrikolor Batiks is an ideal gift shop destination for anyone looking for handmade pieces of furniture, ceramic pottery or printed fabrics. The company is specialised in hand printed batiks and stoneware pottery. It is dedicated to delivering pieces that add a unique flair to a client's wardrobe or a home. For over 17 years, Afrikolor has consistently delivered hand printed batiks and stoneware pottery. Each piece is designed by a highly skilled craftsman. Clients can book studio time and make or paint their own pottery.
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Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust is is internationally recognised as one of the largest chimpanzee reserves in the world. Chimfunshi is home to 120 chimpanzees, most of them living in four large forested enclosures, as close to their natural environment as possible. Visit Chimfunshi for a day, or an overnight stay, and be intrigued by humans' closest relative, learning about our similarities from the knowledgeable chimpanzee keepers.
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Agritech Expo is the first and only outdoor agricultural trade expo in Zambia. It launched in 2014 in partnership with the Zambia National Farmers Union, Musika and GART Research Centre. This Expo offers a professional business to business platform for farmers and agricultural executives, providing a fantastic opportunity for small scale farmers and commercial farmers to network with each other and conduct business with some of the world's leading suppliers in the agricultural industry.
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The Bridge Tour involves a visit to the historical railway bridge that spans the Batoka Gorge between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It includes a theatrical and entertaining presentation; a walk on the catwalks beneath the bridge; viewing photographs of the bridge dating back to the early 1900s. The Bridge Café offers a selection of light meals and refreshments. A visit to the historic railway bridge is an integral part of any Victoria Falls experience. Learn about its fascinating history on this multi-faceted tour.
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Held in Lusaka, Zambia, the Amaka Arts Festival is an annual event that aims to add value to the Zambian art market. The festival is the first international multi-disciplinary arts festival in the country and features five disciplines which include film, visual arts, dance, fashion and literary arts. It is designed to provide an internationally recognised market to expose the rich Zambian culture through its arts. The Amaka Arts Festival aims to develop creative industries into sustainable businesses, contributing to national development.
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The Livingstone Performing Arts Foundation (LiPAF) stages musical theatre shows to preserve and promote Zambian culture. The foundation also offers cultural entertainment to lodges or corporate events. The performers have a varied repertoire of dance, songs using traditional and contemporary instruments, and ceremonies from several Zambian language groups. Request soothing music for a dinner, or high energy African dance songs for a party. Bands can be hired for any size function.
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The Dutch Reformed Saturday Market has been running for decades and is usually held on the last Saturday of each month. It is extremely popular so get there early to catch the best offers! Buy curios, furniture, clay pots, beadwork, books, kuba cloth furnishings, handbags, design-led chitenge clothing, fruit, veg and plants. It is a place where stall holders, talented Zambian craftsmen and women to expatriates meet to sell a wide range of products.
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Munda Wanga Environmental Park was originally created as a Botanical Garden in 1950. Munda Wanga Environmental Park was created as a private garden ('Munda Wanga' means 'my garden' in Nyanja). Today it is a popular Environmental Park consisting of a Wildlife Sanctuary, Botanical Gardens, Environmental Education Centre and a Recreational Village. Munda Wanga offers special access and support for people with disabilities or challenges getting around the park.
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A distinctive shopping destination that combines shopping with entertainment. Shop and then hit the cinema. Choose between fast food, more intimate restaurants or funky coffee houses. Later head out to Room 101. As well as a vibrant selection of shops Arcades Shopping Centre is host to outdoor events like the popular Pakati Sunday Market attraction as well as musical, theatrical and cultural shows.
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Country Lodge & Café is a lovely destination that offers a range of services including accommodation. The lodge is child friendly and has beautiful gardens that can be hired for intimate functions. There's a wide selection of scrumptious meals freshly cooked and baked at their café. Choose to eat inside the interestingly decorated café packed full of art and craft work or eat out on the patio and enjoy the sunshine and garden. They offer an extra incentive for a visit with an interesting arts and crafts shop. They hang on walls and ceilings where guests can admire them as they enjoy a meal in these artistic surrounds.
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Quite possibly the biggest and best known traditional ceremony in the country, Kuomboka is an ancient ritual of the Lozi people taking place each April. It is a colourful and exciting event that attracts thousands from all over the world to witness Zambian culture at its best. Dating back over 300 years, the Kuomboka ceremony is surrounded by interesting myths and legends. It is preceded by heavy drumming of the royal Maoma drums, which echo around the royal capital the day before Kuomboka.
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The town of Siavonga lies on the edge of the beautiful Lake Kariba, a popular retreat for families, holiday makers and a choice destination for business gatherings and company outings. It is also becoming a select place for second home getaways. Situated on the north shore of Lake Kariba, it is the second largest tourist destination and place to visit in Southern Province. The Siavonga town is only two and a half hours from Lusaka with several comfortable places to stay.
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Mukuni Park and Curios is a great market for the perfect gifts. The curio market is in the centre of the tourist capital, where you can shop for gifts and souvenirs from Zambia and in the process support the industry at the grassroots level. It's a gem of an African bazaar. For decades this place has been a major tourist attraction and it provides livelihoods for hundreds of people from Livingstone and the surrounding areas. The craftspeople are happy for you to shop around and to bargain!
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The Kabwata Visual Arts and Cultural Association, KAVICA, was established in 1974 and currently has 120 subscribed members. It's a popular Lusaka attraction where visitors can find traditional Zambian artefacts to take home as souvenirs and gifts. Other works are beads, drums, spears, walking sticks, African printed fabrics, tie-dye and batiks. The cultural village has a restaurant called Tigwilizane which is an uncommercialised traditional restaurant with all the main Zambian delicacies such as ifisashi.
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A fascinating mix of the most common deadly snakes in Zambia – difficult to see in the wild. The snakes are kept behind glass and the crocodiles in walled ponds, for complete safety. Getting close to these reptiles never ceases to invoke feelings of fascination, respect and fear. Gwembe Safaris can plan an itinerary for you around Livingstone and the Victoria Falls with activities ranging from game drives and tours of the Victoria Falls to cultural tours or a visit to their own reptile park.
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Regarded as one of the most beautiful, friendly, diverse and unspoilt countries on the entire African continent, Zambia has more natural water resources than any other Southern African country, including a myriad of other falls dotted across the country, not to mention the famous Zambezi River. The many national parks offer great opportunities for observing Africa’s plains game and their attendant predators, whilst bustling urban areas offer a taste of eclectic Zambian culture.


Zambia is one of the most water rich countries in Africa with over sixteen (16) rivers.

Three top rivers in Zambia:

  • Kafue River
  • Luangwa
  • Zambezi River


Zambia has two types of lakes; man-made lakes and natural lakes. The man-made lakes are Kariba and Itezhi - tezhi, and the rest are natural lakes like Bangweulu, Tanganyika, Mweru-Wantipa, Mweru-Luapula and Lukanga. Lake Tanganyika is the longest lake in the world, while Lake Kariba is Africa’s largest man-made dam.

Others include:

  • Lake Kashiba
  • Lake Ishiba Ng'andu
  • Mofwe Lagoon
  • Lake Mweru


The most spectacular is of course the not-to-be-missed Victoria Falls, but there are 17 other beautiful falls dotted around the country. Waterfall tours are becoming a popular trip providing access to these out of the way delights. Major waterfalls include:

  • Ngonye Falls
  • Kalambo Falls
  • Kundalila Falls
  • Lumangwe Falls

National Parks

National parks are used for conservation purposes, it is a reserve of natural, semi-natural or developed land that the state owns. National parks are great places filled with lots of natural wonders for you to explore and have an amazing experience observing wildlife. In Zambia there are about 20 national parks and 34 game management areas in Zambia, South Luangwa, Kafue and Lower Zambezi rank among the finest game parks in the world. Some of Zambia's national parks include; Luangwa National Park, Mosi oa Tunya Park, Lower Zambezi National Park, South Luangwa National Park, Lochnivar National Park and Kasanka National Park.

Arts and Craft markets

Zambia’s largest open-air market takes place every last Saturday of the month at the Dutch Reformed Church in the Kabulonga area of Lusaka. Artisans from Zambia and neighboring countries bring their arts and crafts to you. It’s one of the few places where you can find Zimbabwean soap stone sold next to Zambian copper plates. You can also taste a variety of ethnic dishes and buy produce. If you miss this market, try the smaller Sunday Market at the Arcades Shopping Centre in Lusaka that happens every week.

Cultural ceremonies

With a rich cultural background, exciting tales of magic and mystery and the colourful eventfulness of it all, the Kuomboka Ceremony is definitely a must see. The Kuomboka Ceremony is amongst Zambia's popular traditional ceremonies. The Kuomboka Ceremony is held annually to mark the movement of the king to higher ground at the beginning of the rains. It's a time of great celebration, and the ceremony is conducted to the pounding of drums, while the paddlers, resplendent in animal skins, dance and sing.