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Arctic Webs is a one stop digital marketing company that offers professional web design, web development, hosting, search engine optimisation, social media and online marketing services. The company has established itself with a focused aim of giving a strong internet presence to organisations, enterprises, as well as individuals. With a team of exceptionally creative professionals, Arctic Webs is devoted to providing the most reliable and highest-quality of products and services.
Stamp Africa Zambia is a leading information technology company that specialises in the distribution of software and hardware, web designing and hosting, solutions on corporate visibility and branding through e-marketing and printed marketing material. This company is duly registered in Zambia and operates in an efficient way with robust and structured methodology. Stamp Africa Zambia currently has presence in two African countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
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Established in 2011 Microlink Technologies provides installation and maintenance services for IT networks and computers, mobile phones, land lines, radio and television as well as internet service providers (ISPs). Their packages are designed to meet your needs, catering to home users and organizations. Their products include: wireless broadband, virtual private network (VPN) connections, VSAT solutions, dial-up connections as well as mail and web hosting solutions. They support a network of hotspots called I-Zone.
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