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Career Prospects is a vibrant employment agency that provides contemporary human resources management and consulting services with a total quality management (TQM) approach. This company specialises in the provision of human resource management and development services. It also offers top - quality in house training in a wide range of subjects. Their vision is to be a world class human resource management and recruitment consulting firm.
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Top Floor are the premier providers of business and technical workforce development in Zambia. The company is dedicated to listening to its clients' needs and creating customised solutions that enhance workforce skills and drive measurable, bottom-line performance. With a global network of world-class trainers, the best e-learning software, and a thorough understanding of the Zambian context. The company has what your organisation needs to stay on the top.
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At 8 Doctors Health & Wellness, the goal is to help you feel better, function better and live longer through nature's laws. This organisation aims to help you regain your health by addressing the true cause of disease not just the symptoms. 8 Doctors Health & Wellness offers a wide range of vitamins and supplements to help in this recovery process, with a comprehensive home based care (HBC) service for patients of diabetes, stroke, HIV etc. They also offer in-house healthy lifestyle programmes for companies.
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Workshops and in-house training develop skills that increase an individual’s productivity as well as quality of work. Well trained staff are more engaged, with higher morale and initiative, which helps organisations retain their people. Timely training mitigates risks in the face of the ever-changing market challenges. In Zambia, various company’s offer a wide range of courses in their training programmes. The training is on an in-house basis and facilitators are allowed to customise the training content for the specific risk profile of an organisation. Further to this, the facilitators are able to include specific case studies that are relevant to the industry in the training. This service is typically presented on the clients’ site, which is more convenient and has various cost benefits. Many clients find that in-house workshops provide a cost-effective solution to their professional and organisational training needs.

Companies that offer in-house training focus on providing clients with solutions beyond the model of conventional training. By identifying the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed for optimum performance, they assemble their training solutions completely around each client’s desired outcomes. Their framework for analysing the business and training needs allows them to get to the core of a client’s development requirements.

All in-house training solutions have a profound impact when implemented in practice. Facilitators and coaches are highly-experienced and possess a strong combination of management experience, practitioner knowledge and industry know-how in their respective fields of profession, to deliver active learning programmes to serve training needs across all industries.

In-house training is a flexible and cost effective way of delivering training solutions to an organisation. It has the advantage of providing a tailored and convenient method of delivery. Participants are given the opportunity to workshop challenges unique to their own organisation – helping to promote organisational consistency. People who attend training workshops leave with ideas and tools that they can immediately apply to their own situations, highlighting the practical expertise and insight of trainers. Whether a client needs a dynamic trainer to facilitate courses developed in-house or acquired through an outside provider, a good number of companies listed on this website can help their team learn the skills and procedures they need to succeed in the workplace.

Some in-house training programmes include:

  • Management and supervisory
  • Leadership development
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Financial management
  • Human resources management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Communications
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Service excellence
  • Personal effectiveness and productivity