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Nemchem International is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning, sanitising and maintenance products and services, supplying a plethora of industries in Zambia. The company offers cleaning and hygiene products, sanitary waste and female hygiene products, industrial waste management, office cleaning, pest control and water treatment services.
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Established in 1986, Bimbe Trading produces high grade chemical products including paints, detergents, adhesives, hardware, auto and industrial products. The company is dedicated to producing and supplying safe and quality products to their customers and society at large. This is done without ignoring the environmental effects of their processes and products. Bimbe Trading's range of products are manufactured under strict laboratory control to ensure quality and consistency.
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Royal Green Chemicals & Cleaning Services is an established company in Zambia that is pioneering environmentally-responsible cleaning and hygiene services. The company supplies a variety of cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. These include Hychem probiotic cleaning chemicals. In addition Royal Green offers an array of high quality cleaning equipment and a broad range of professional cleaning services to the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.
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