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This company provides a complete solution to crop health through the provision of fungicides, herbicides and insecticides, with highly experienced staff to advise clients on the most cost effective use of these agro-chemicals. Amiran also supplies a variety of seedlings to farmers and market gardeners throughout the country, and can grow owner-supplied seeds. In addition it offers irrigation systems, and telecommunication and IT products. Amiran only offers globally recognised brands.
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Since 2000, Simply Red has been the approved distributor in Zambia for Franklin Electrical complete water systems, specialising in pumps and water reticulation together with electrical and irrigation systems. All products sold by Simply Red are under warranty and are obtained from manufacturers who are ISO certified. This company also offers advice, installation and maintenance programs. There are also plans to expand to other parts of the country.
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Established in 1976, Precision Irrigation is a registered trademark of Magnano a leading company in irrigation and water management systems. The company installs a wide selection of irrigation equipment and accessories including pro center and linear pivots, one-tower solutions (for 2 ha fields), drip irrigation and sprinkler systems, filters, pumps, pipelines, automation and fertigation units, complete agriculture greenhouses, as well as landscape and sport irrigation.
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Irritech Irrigation Systems specialises in supplying Valley centre pivots to the farming community and regionally. Valley were the first mechanical moving machines in the industry and they remain a leading high performance brand. With a Valley multiple-functioning centre pivot irrigation system, you can water, fertilise, treat for pests and disease and manage sanity through leaching. Irritech's aim is to be an innovative, efficient and dependable irrigation solution supplier.
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This company offers motorised water pumps and piping through the Agrico network of agricultural irrigation equipment brands and provides an installation and maintenance service for farms, gardens, schools, plant nurseries, golf courses and sports clubs. Agrico (formerly Big Red Machines) also develops drip, micro, sprinkler, centre pivot and turnkey irrigation systems and provides top quality tractors and agricultural equipment, with a mobile service team for emergency field repairs.
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