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Bupilo Family Health Clinic is licensed by the Health Professions Council of Zambia as a class C health institution. With 2 qualified doctors operating from pleasant premises situated in a quiet residential area of Lusaka, it provides outpatient medical consultations with point of care diagnostic services. Emphasis is placed on lifestyle treatment and prevention of disease. Insurance schemes are available from Madison Health Services (Mhs), Medlink, Metropolitan and Professional Life.
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Makeni Islamic Society Trust operations include a nursery school, primary and secondary school, teacher and vocational training colleges, day clinic and welfare programs. The society works with the local indigenous Zambian community where the moral, social, educational, cultural, religious and physical aspects are developed. Founded in 1972 with the objective of arousing Islamic consciousness amongst the larger Muslim community, particularly the youth, and making them aware of responsibility to mankind.
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Public health centres

The government has built health centres around the country. These facilities are under the management of the Ministry of Health (MoH) and provide many health services, screenings and education to the public at little or no cost. They also play a major role in infectious disease surveillance and investigation. Health centres take an active role in the health of the community at large, seeking to improve the quality of life and health of all. This approach to wellness is accomplished through programmes and services, which not only prevent the spread of disease but also provide wellness education to empower people to make healthy choices. Public health centres consist of a number of institutions within the MoH that work to execute their core public health functions.

Zambia’s Ministry of Health is a government institution located in the capital city, Lusaka. This Ministry functions with a mandate to provide cost effective health service delivery to people in Zambia. Zambia is currently working towards improving its public health services. The public health sector in Zambia has so far made significant progress such as improving access to health care, affordability of health services and strengthening of health systems.

Private health centres

Zambian private health centres offer a range of services with most covering every possible medical speciality available. Specialists in internal medicine, cardiology, gynaecology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, dermatology, endocrinology, neurology, pneumonology, urology, psychiatry, rehabilitation are just a few of those providing private medical service in Zambia. Doctors in the private sector are able to spend more time with patients which means they can not only diagnose and treat, but also educate those in their care. At a private health centre patients are more likely to find a wide range of general and specialised medical testing and health check-ups.

Health practitioners can also provide patients with a careful assessment of risk factors and advice regarding their personal need for medical screening and/or lifestyle changes. Treatment is speedy whether a patient wants to see a doctor for the first time or needs to see a specialist or receive ongoing medical treatment. Private centres will most often serve patients much faster than is possible in the overloaded public system.