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Corporate Air is a CAA approved non-scheduled air service provider. With their fleet among the youngest, most modern and comfortable in Zambia, the company focuses on providing a safe, compliant and efficient aviation operation throughout Zambia, Africa and African Islands. Corporate Air have sound standard operating procedures and offer aviation consultancy with related services that include corporate aircraft management and consultancy, aircraft import and export and aircraft ground handling.
Established in 2011, this company provides world class private and corporate charters. As a customer focused company, Royal Air Charters has revolved its services around the needs of its clients. They specialise in on-demand flights to destinations all over Zambia and beyond. With their modern fleet of turbine aircraft, first class maintenance and the highest level of crew training, Royal Air Charters aims to provide its customers with safe, on time and stress-free flights.
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ProCharter Services is Zambia's leading air charter company, offering the widest range of aircraft in the country. With aircraft ranging from the 3-4 seat Baron 55 to 29-seat Jetstream 41 planes, ProCharter can tailor flights to exact requirements and budgets. Saving time is the essence of ProCharter's service – reaching remote airstrips quickly and easily, or serving established airports with times and itineraries convenient to passengers. Leisure travellers on safari, executives on business or agencies on missions.
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Proflight Zambia is the fastest growing local airline in the Southern African region according to latest aviation industry research. The airline's capacity has almost doubled in the last five years, recording a growth in capacity of 89.8 per cent by capacity from 2010 to 2014 within and from the Southern Africa region. Proflight was ranked third, after Ethiopian Airlines and Turkish Airlines, with Emirates in fourth place, followed by Mango and KLM. A safe, reliable, efficient and friendly service.
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Air charter services in Zambia

Air charter is the business of renting an entire aircraft as opposed to individual aircraft seats (purchasing a ticket through a traditional airline). With demand for aircraft charter travel increasing throughout the world, in this category find out what are the main advantages of using air charter for business and leisure travel, instead of scheduled airline flights. Note that these air charter companies in Zambia operate different aircraft and their services vary accordingly. Choose one that will enable you to arrive at your destination fresh and relaxed.

Advantages of choosing air charters:


Private charter travel offers a supreme level of convenience, which airlines simply cannot replicate. As a charter passenger you won’t encounter frustrating limitations such as unsuitable departure times or a narrow selection of airport destinations. Instead, charter companies create an itinerary that is tailored to your specific requirements, without the unnecessary hurdles that lead to a stressful travel experience. Air charter companies have access to thousands of airports many of which are inaccessible to airlines. That means a quicker trip, with fewer hours invested in ground travel.

Time saving

Airline passengers often complain about stressful and time-consuming airport procedures. You have to check into a flight hours before the actual departure, endure laborious security checks, walk through crowds of people to reach the departure gate, and wait around prior to the scheduled boarding time. On top of that, there’s always the risk of a scheduled flight being overbooked, delayed or cancelled. The experience is much quicker and more relaxed with private charter companies with the elimination of the long queues, the congested airports, and the undesirable waiting times. In addition, your baggage is loaded directly onto the aircraft and will be returned to you shortly after arrival. There is no need to mill around at the conveyor belt with the many scheduled flight passengers and no concerns about your luggage being delayed or lost along the way.


Different clients have different requirements, depending on the purpose of their travel. Whatever the circumstances, air charter companies pride themselves on offering a unique sense of privacy in the air. You might be travelling alone and require solitude during the journey in order to catch-up on some much-needed sleep. Perhaps you’re travelling with colleagues or clients and need to hold confidential meetings or perhaps you want quality time with family and friends without interruptions from others.


Air charter companies offer a wide variety of different aircraft to suit your needs. Decide which aircraft is most suitable based on your travel distance and passenger numbers. With the advantages above, plus many others, it is of little surprise that private charter travel is appealing to more and more people, especially as cost-cutting measures in the airline industry make the overall travel experience less enjoyable for passengers. In fact, while the air charter market has traditionally been favoured by those using air charters for business, it is also very much a financially viable option for families, groups of friends, and other leisure travelers.