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Films Plays Musicals and Shows in Zambia

With highly talented artists, Zambia offers a full range of educative and entertaining films, plays, musicals and shows. These performances bring in artists from around the country and across all genres. Zambia welcomes visitors from all over the world. Come enjoy the rich atmosphere and ambiance, while taking in performances by top entertainers and cultural groups. This is your home for the best Zambian films, plays, musicals and shows with a delightfully unique cabaret. Performances are of various kinds including drama, action, comedy, there is something for everyone, both young and old. Your unforgettable theatre experience starts here.

Films Plays, Musicals and Shows in Zambia

Believing in the power of live theatrical storytelling, Zambian artists are dedicated to creating unforgettable shared experiences through films, plays, musicals and shows. The range of shows and musicals on offer are impressive, with dazzling spectacles ensuring visitors are thoroughly entertained. Artists ensure that they always promote and strengthen the diversity, recognition and success of Zambia's tourism offering - nationally and internationally. In doing so, they also help to improve the quality of life in the city by providing highly educative content.

Zambia’s theatre industry has highly talented actors and actresses that put in their very best to perform plays that will educate and impact ones view on various aspects of Zambia such as Zambia’s culture, its political situation and life in Zambia. Zambia’s actors and actresses will perform plays that will give you an authentic feel and expose you to various aspects of Zambia, you will definitely enjoy, acknowledge and appreciate Zambia and its diversity as a country. Some of Zambia’s theatre companies include Lusaka Play House Business Centre, Barefeet theatre and The Hub Theatre Company.

Stand-up comedy shows in Zambia are the country's most loved shows. Zambia has many highly talented comedy humourists all over the country that will make you laugh till your ribs hurt! Zambia's stand-up comedy shows take place regularly at locations that are convenient for those who would like to attend. Advertisements of up-coming shows are usually found in news papers, billboards, on social platforms such as Facebook and some are even advertised on radio or television. Attend a stand-up comedy show in Zambia for an experience of great laughter that will leave you wanting more. Zambia's best comedians include Terry Tee, Chibwe Katebe, Bikkiloni and Diffikoti, Bob Nkosha and Mwine Mushi & Kasaka.

The film industry in Zambia has in the recent past seen a tremendous growth, with many Zambians being able to produce movies locally. A number of local movies have been produced, giving Zambian actors, directors, producers and crews the opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity. Most of the films that have been produced in Zambia focus on communicating the experiences and events that actually do take place in the lives of Zambians. Some of Zambia's films include:

  • I Am Not a Witch-a story about an 8 year old girl who is sent to a witches' camp after a banal incident at her local village.
  • Mwansa the Great-a story about a young boy named Mwansa who tries to prove he is a hero, while trying to prove he is a hero, Mwansa does the unforgivable and accidentally breaks his big sister Shula’s special mud doll. He then goes on a quest not only to fix it, but to finally prove he is Mwansa the Great.
  • Damyna the Musical-a story of family secrets and a witch doctors spells that plan to confuse the life of an orphaned girl whose quest for love brings her African village onto conflict with the world of international development agencies.

This category provides complete and impartial guides to all the theatrical, musical and performance arts, events and venues. It will provide simple to use guides that let you explore all theatre events whether you are searching for the best Zambian films, plays, musicals and shows from the biggest names in the industry.

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