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Computer Express has a team of professional technicians that offer administrative support, call-out services for network installations, on-site service, and maintenance. This team is also able to advise and assist where in-house Information Technology knowledge is lacking for small/medium businesses or institutions.
Crystaline Technologies’ Innov8 division has all the tools you need to achieve peak performance and efficiency - call center tools, predictive dialers, voice broadcasters, and text and email tools, built-in CRM, easy workflow and business process automation - all flexible, scalable, seamlessly integrated solution.
If you own a company, you can engage Smart Business Centre for professional general IT services. Depending on the needs of your business, this company will develop customized solutions specific to your industry. Their team is constantly on the lookout for the latest technological advances and offers its knowledge to meet your challenges.
Holly Bridge Enterprises offers an extensive range of services including inspection and analysis of computers and network setups, ordering, installing and maintaining most hardware software components and designing disaster recovery plans. This company closely works with its clients to ensure end-user efficiency and comfort.
Stamp Africa Zambia supplies the most current IT equipment to meet various needs with brands that are locally supported to keep service times to a minimum and ensure maximum warranty duration. This company has a team of qualified technical staff who provide after sales support and installations when required.

General IT services in Zambia

General IT services refers to the entirety of activities that an IT services provider from the maintenance and repair of computers and installation of software structured in processes and supporting procedures, that are performed by an organisation to plan, design, deliver, operate and control information technology (IT) services offered to customers including networking and hardware. These companies offering a broad wide and general offering of IT related services will be listed in this category. It will also include companies that sell desktops, laptops, servers and routers for a network. On top of an organisations network, a set of enterprise applications and services are required. Most of these applications are provided General IT services. New services, including mission-critical ones and IT infrastructure are constantly being updated to benefit from the latest cloud computing breakthroughs, which the companies listed here provide.