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Each year visitors have an opportunity for a great family day out as well as buying textiles, leather items, wood ware and more. This is a great opportunity to purchase unique Zambian designed gifts for Christmas – toys, interiors, accessories and fine art, conceived and created by some of the region's most talented artists and designers.
8 Doctors holds an expo every Wednesday at their premises to showcase and demonstrate their products and services. At this expo, they provide counselling and dietary advice, and teach about the eight laws of health - Godly trust, open air, daily exercise, sunshine, proper rest, lots of water, always temperate, and nutrition.
The Agritech Expo platform gives visitors a unique opportunity to network, meet some of the world's leading agricultural companies and learn about the latest products and services in the sector. It addresses the needs of the entire agricultural value chain in Zambia and neighbouring countries.
This is an innovative annual event for companies that are involved in the development, sale and financing side of real estate. The aim is that this expo will help companies to improve their profitability, enhance competitive advantage, and promote developments and projects across markets.

Expos and Trade fairs in Zambia

Several trade fairs, shows, exhibitions and expos happen each year in Zambia. These are organised in order for companies in a specific industry to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services in Zambia. Many of these provide an opportunity to network with those in the same line of business and to examine recent market trends and opportunities. Consumer fairs for the public will also be listed here. Many of these exhibitions are yearly events that attractions thousands of visitors and often have food stalls and entertainment for the family.