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Lusaka International Community School (LICS) image
The pre-primary school is made up of an early learning centre and reception classes, catering for learners between the ages of 1 to 5 years. Lusaka International Community School is committed to providing an optimal learning environment. This lays the foundation for children to master the skills, attitudes and dispositions to equip them, not only for future schooling, but for life after school.
American International School of Lusaka (AISL) image
The American International School of Lusaka's early learning centre consists of pre-school (age 3), pre-kindergarten (age 4), and kindergarten (age 5). The school provides a safe and nurturing environment that enables children to develop social skills such as co-operating, sharing, resolving conflicts and decision making.
British International Primary School (BIPS) image
The school aims to develop self-confidence, discipline and self-respect in each child, to enable them participate fully in the life of the community. Parents are regarded as partners in this exercise and their full involvement is sought. All teaching strategies are varied according to the purpose of each particular task and the needs of each child.
Lake Road (PTA) School image
Lake Road (PTA) School
Lake Road (PTA) School offers affordable yet quality pre-school education in a friendly, fun and inspiring atmosphere for children aged 2 years and upwards. The school's experienced and highly qualified team of teachers is committed to giving each child the best foundation for their journey to primary school and beyond.
Trident Preparatory School Solwezi image
Trident Preparatory School Solwezi offers pre-school programs for children aged between two and five years old. The school aims to create a creative, caring and happy learning environment. Their well-trained staff work closely with each child and parent to create a joint understanding of the child's needs.
Sentinel Kalumbila School image
Sentinel Kalumbila School
Children thrive when their learning experiences are fueled by a spirit of adventure. It is this motivation and contagious spirit and celebration of life, alongside the child's evolving knowledge and growing wisdom, that empowers the child to make a confident and positive impact. At Sentinel School Kalumbila, teaching is delivered by experienced staff.
Sentinel Kabitaka School image
Sentinel Kabitaka School
Early learning years at Sentinel School Kabitaka Pre school sets the standards that all early school years need to ensure that children learn and develop well. It ensures children are kept healthy and safe while the children gain the knowledge and skills they need to start school and are fully prepared for the coming primary schooling.
Trident Preparatory School Kalumbila image
Children are motivated learners happy to come to school, treat each other thoughtfully and with respect. At the school you will see colour, vibrancy, great teaching and coaching and a real sense of care for the individual. The Early Years are vitally important and aim to develop a sense of wonder and growing independence in every child.
Crested Crane Academy image
Crested Crane Academy
Crested Crane Academy provides quality education for children between the ages 2 and 5 years. The pre-school offers baby class, middle class and reception class. Using a structured curriculum, pre-school teachers create play activities to teach academic concepts such as number and letter recognition, writing and counting.
Pestalozzi Education Centre Primary and Secondary School image
With a play-based approach in their teaching process, Pestalozzi Education Centre provides a well rounded kindergarten education that adequately prepares children for primary school. Their highly qualified teachers work closely with parents and provide regular and ongoing communication about their child’s experiences and progress.
Noah's Ark School image
Noah's Ark School
With a curriculum that is designed to empower children to be confident, successful and lifelong learners, Noah's Ark School offers exceptional pre-school education. Their team focuses on helping each child to develop their skills and coordination through physical activity and exercising their creativity through experiences in art.
Shakespeare School image
Shakespeare School
The pre-school at Shakespeare School is divided into baby class, middle class and reception class. Specially trained teachers and child minders are available to ensure that the best possible attention is given. Children learn by playing carefully selected educational games to develop reading, writing, drawing and counting skills.

Pre-schools in Zambia

Zambia pre-school services cover places of learning that cater for children prior to their primary education. In Zambia these can be nurseries, crèche, play school or day care service. The curricular is developmentally appropriate, focusing on each young child’s cognitive, social-emotional and physical growth. The age group in Zambia pre-schools is from two or three years to five years, occasionally rising to seven years. Whilst many parents choose to keep their children within the home during these early years, others look for childcare for their children to prepare them for primary school. Selecting childcare for your toddler or child can be quite confusing. When it comes to playgroups, preschools, nurseries – find out what is best for your child.

Zambia pre-schools ensure that each child who completes the preschool program develops the skills necessary to successfully enter and succeed in primary school. They will help your child develop mastery in numeracy and literacy through their innovative approach to early year’s education. This will lay the foundations for all the years to come. Children learn through playing with each other and interacting with the environment around them. That is why pre-schools create environments and educational activities that stimulate play and interaction. Play allows children to explore, investigate and re-enact in an environment where they are free from fear and judgement. It helps fine and gross motor skills development and also helps develop core stability which in turn helps children to learn how to write and supports creative growth.

Making sure your child gets the best possible start is something that every parent wants and it is what they deliver. Whether they are counting, singing the alphabet or climbing trees, your child will be developing problem solving skills, self-awareness and all the while becoming a happy and confident individual that will go on to make a positive and valuable contribution to society.

Zambian pre-schools welcome children of diverse backgrounds and strive to make necessary accommodations to enhance each child’s opportunity for learning. They set out to create a place where children would be supported and nurtured, and encouraged to be curious. Most schools are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to education, where teachers respect each child individually and help them be the authors of their own learning. They have always aimed to create an environment that feels like an extension of a child’s home, where he/she feels welcome and confident. Schools have an open-door policy for parent involvement, and nothing makes children prouder than when their parents are involved in their education.

Pre-schools make sure that children thrive and grow with them - from the day they enrol for the first time, to the day they are ready to start primary school! The needs and resources of children are met with respect, recognition, acceptance and tolerance, as a source of development and growth. Teachers listen, have time to provide care and security, and create moments filled with joy and humour. Their goal is to give children confidence in their own abilities and allow them to be experts in their own experiences.

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