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Temwani School
Primary school
Temwani School offers a Zambian curriculum with internationally based subjects. The school boasts of a 100% pass rate in grade 7 since it began in 2004! Temwani School encourages students to participate in different sporting activities, culture, art and music to help them discover their talent and skills.
Grandma School
Primary school
This primary school provides quality education through teaching with the latest educational techniques. Grandma School follows the Zambian curriculum in literacy and languages, mathematics and technology studies. It also offers Bible knowledge, social and developmental studies, physical education and environmental science.
Lyndhurst School
Primary school
Lyndhurst School ensures that every primary student has the opportunity to learn and succeed. During this time pupils continue their journey with a more formal day, as well as focusing on core academic subjects. The school offers state of the art facilities that include science lab, computer lab, library and more.
Rhodes Park School
Primary school
This school offers high quality primary school education for grade one to seven with modern facilities. Rhodes Park School has highly trained teachers and provides high quality learning resources. The school has an up to date curriculum that fully prepares pupils to progress to any secondary school with confidence and self-esteem.
Since 1999, Thornhill Boarding and Day School has been offering quality primary school education with a team of highly trained teachers and support staff that use modern teaching techniques. The school believes in setting a strong foundation at primary school level to prepare the pupils to excel at secondary school level.
Makeni Islamic Society Trust
Primary school
Makeni Islamic Society Trust uses an integrated primary school system following the Zambian Government syllabus along side the syllabus of Jamiatul Ulama-Gauteng for Islamic Studies. The society teach the Quran, Islamic knowledge, and the Arabic language. At grade seven, the students write an external government examination.
LICEF School
Primary school
The primary section caters for grades one to seven. The grade 1 and 2 classes follow the nursery school time table and is a mixed gender class. From grade three to seven, males and females are separated and put in different sections of the school premises.
Lusaka International Community School caters for children between the ages of 4 and 11 years and follows a curriculum guided by the British National Curriculum. Students in year 6 sit for the primary checkpoint assessments these are internationally recognised and externally assessed.
Banani International School
Primary school
Banani Primary School was established in September 1997 initially it was established to provide high quality primary education for the children of the professional staff at the William Mmutle Masethla Foundation and the Banani International Secondary School. The facility was extended to accommodate Liteta and Chisamba communities.
Kaweya Trust School is dedicated to providing quality and innovative primary education to pupils. The schools aims to provide pupils with knowledge and skills to build a bright future that reflects the passion and abilities of the School. Pupils learn all basic subjects and have access to computers.
Lechwe School
Primary school
Lechwe Primary School is one of the top primary schools offering education for Grade 1 to 7 pupils in a safe, secure, disciplined environment. With a well trained and experienced team of teachers, Lechwe has maintained a high pass rate at grade 7. The classes are spacious and the pupil-teacher ratio is well balanced.
Nkhwazi School
Primary school
Nkhwazi school has a vision to be the best primary school education provider in the country. Presently the school has 17 classes. The recommended class size is 27. Small class sizes together with dedicated, qualified teachers and excellent facilities help to ensure that Nkhwazi offers high standards in education.

Primary schools in Zambia · Page 4

Primary schools in Zambia cover grades one to seven. The main types of primary education in Zambia are international, private, government and community schools. International schools like British international schools and other international primary schools use internationally recognised curricula leading eventually to secondary school qualifications such as IGCSE, GCE and the International Baccalaureate (IB). These Zambian primary schools usually command the highest fees and offer the best facilities for science, sports and IT. They provide opportunities for children to aspire to achieve and prepare them for future excellence. Primary schools may cater for day scholars and those looking for primary boarding schools.

Government primary schools provide basic primary education covering the whole of Zambia. Community primary schools are supported by individuals, businesses, farms and/or churches in the local area. International, private and community primary schools tend to take in children from the age of five whilst government school education usually begins at age seven. For services for younger children try Zambia pre-schools. Government basic schools teach grades one to nine, of which grade eight and nine fall in the Zambia secondary school category. Every child who comes into primary school is warmly welcomed and equally valued. Schools believe very strongly in helping children to achieve their potential and preparing them for life in the 21st century.

With a goal to provide a quality education in a caring, creative environment conducive to learning, primary schools motivate each child in a positive way, helping them to find interest, satisfaction and a sense of achievement in their schoolwork. Zambian primary schools focus on giving children opportunities, responsibility and trust in a stimulating and rewarding environment. Children are encouraged to develop independence in their learning and work collaboratively with others. Strict uniform policies based on affordable clothing helps to create a sense of belonging and pride in the school a child goes to.

Primary schools in Zambia aim to nurture and support all pupils in their personal growth and aspirations, and they enjoy working alongside parents and the wider community as partners in the children’s learning. Schools have a strong focus on good manners and courteous behaviour and have high expectations of children, staff and parents. High aspirations and achievement underpin all they do to release the amazing talents and potential of each child.

Zambia also has primary boarding schools or schools that offer both day and boarding. Primary boarding schools are known to be highly considered by career-focused parents who are anxious that their young children are supervised at all times and encouraged to participate in a variety of out-of-school activities. Sending your young child to boarding school allows you to maintain your career at the same time ensure that your child has the best possible start in life.

There are lots of advantages of sending young children to primary boarding schools. A major advantage is the fact that the learning never stops. Your child will be in an educational environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When their outside the classroom, they will continue learning important life skills.

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