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Manzi Drilling and Construction provides high quality borehole drilling and construction services to the Central and Southern Africa region. They constantly upgrade the drilling rigs to suit the ever changing market demands, delivering a high level of customer satisfaction by providing quality output and value for money.
Geotech Zambia offer a reliable and result oriented professional service for both industrial and residential plots. They have experience in handling large contracts. Its services include ground water exploration, exploitation and development; geophysical surveys; borehole drilling and installation services.

Drilling in Zambia

For people and businesses, especially in rural areas, who are developing their own water supply facilities here are companies that provide high quality borehole related installations for private and commercial customers. This section includes enterprises in Zambia that provide borehole and water well drilling services. Water is one of the world’s most valuable commodities, and a vital one for our survival. Find companies that will drill your own independently owned water borehole drilled and installed anywhere in Zambia. Drill boreholes to: feed animals, supply stables etc., top up ponds and lakes, water gardens, run irrigation systems and most importantly supply fresh drinking water.