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Any new development, be it a small or large commercial farm, an industrial development or a residential property, generally starts with the identification of a suitable water source. Aquaquest can assist with this by assessing the groundwater and surface water potential of an area.
Village Water provides water and sanitation consultancy services to individuals, as well as private and public institutions. This organisation is committed to developing integrated systems adapted to each water project. Village Water possess immense expertise in managing various water and sanitation projects from start to finish.

Water and sanitation consultants in Zambia

Water and sanitation consultants are hired to support projects and programmes that focus on the hygiene of water and related public health issues. Funding may be from the private or public sector. Consulting firms that specialises in the economic, financial and institutional aspects of infrastructure, with a focus on water and sanitation, providing advisory, research and training services to international organisations, development agencies and banks, governments, non-governmental organisations and the private sector are found here. The challenges in towns to address are chronic water shortages and in some areas going without water for a week when repairs are undertaken.