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Simply Red offers a wide range of Roto moulded tanks and other water storage solutions - vertical and horizontal cylindrical water tanks, underground water storage tanks, booster pumps, septic tanks, pressure boosting sets and tank stands. The company can design and develop custom water reticulation systems for clients.
Conmach Machinery supply an extensive range of concrete pipe making machines and concrete man hole making machines. This company is able to supply special designs and productions according to customers demands. They also provide improved after sales services and spare part support.
Lamasat is committed to the design and production of world class products which have made it one of the market leaders for PVC piping in the country. They also offer packaging materials, interior design and construction services. Lamasat manufactures pipes and water tanks in PVC-U.

Water reticulation in Zambia

Water reticulation is the distribution of water from the local community water supply through pipelines to individual consumers. Companies in Zambia involved in water reticulation related products and services are listed. The water reticulation sector includes the design, operation and maintenance of water distribution, storm water and wastewater collection systems. It comprises all the public pipe works in a town or city, including pumping systems, access chambers and their construction and maintenance. In Zambia water and sewage companies have been mandated by their respective local authorities and government to give this service.