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The Water Tank is a product designed to meet clients requirements. It is a combination of pressed plates configured to offer a range of storage capacities for water for domestic, industrial and commercial use. The strength and robustness are key aspects of the design and fabrication of the tank. All steel tanks are protected against rust by galvanisation and applying paint on both the inside and outside, prior to dispatch.
Waterman manufactures plastic jumbo water tanks that range from 1000 litres to 5000 litres. The company provides the water management tanks and accessories you want, from irrigation solutions to drinking water storage tanks. The tanks are designed for strength, erosion resistance, and safety.
MM Integrated Steel is one of the leading suppliers in Zambia of 100% FDA-approved water tanks. Located in Lusaka, off Mumbwa Road, the company manufactures good quality affordable water tanks for various sectors of the economy – domestic, rural, agricultural, commercial, construction and industrial.

Water storage in Zambia

Water is stored for domestic, industrial or agricultural purposes, usually in tanks for later use. See the companies listed here for advice as well as the supply of tanks and associated products. In agriculture, water storage is water is stored in natural water stores, such as groundwater aquifers, soil water and natural wetlands, and also small artificial ponds, tanks and reservoirs behind major dams. Find suppliers of plastic water storage tanks, fibreglass cold water tanks, galvanised steel water storage tanks and a range of food grade water containers that are suitable for drinking water, chemical storage, waste water and general cold water storage.