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General Alliance Insurance’s Liability Insurance covers are tailored to cover businesses from devastating lawsuits due to accidents that cause injuries or property damage belonging to other people or entities. Some notable Liability Insurances include Employers Liability, Public and Products Liability, as well as Directors and Officers Liability.
African Grey Insurance Company offers corporate insurance packages that are dependent on the industry or business the client specialises in and possible risks. A dedicated team of professional underwriters will provide advice on which policies an organisation should take up based on the business of an organisation.
Casualty insurances are generally designed to cover rights and interests rather than assets. The various policies under the casualty department include the protection of your business and your employee, the public, burglary, fraud, accident, directors' and officers liability, professional indemnity
Accidents happen on site, off site, with employees and with customers. Professional Insurance Corporation offers this policy to protect businesses against claims for income loss, bodily injury and property damage. A wide range of insurance plans are offered. These can be customised through the addition of relevant options.

Business liability insurance in Zambia

Looking to cover your liability to employees in the event of an accident? For example, if an employee should suffer an injury whilst at work, business liability insurance can help. Here are companies that offer this service.