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Are you are business owner? Eric Silwamba, Jalasi & Linyama Legal Practitioners provides professional corporate and commercial law services. Their experienced legal team is committed to giving your business the best chance of succeeding as well as solving your issues in a fast and affordable manner.
Companies and business owners can engage William Nyirenda & Company for litigation support as well as transactional and regulatory legal services. With a strong understanding of corporate and commercial law, their team delivers a hands-on business focused service that provides solutions to the client’s real world problems.

Commercial law in Zambia

Commercial law affects any business - small or large. Here, you will find legal practitioners that provide a wide selection of corporate and commercial law services that include but not limited to company incorporation, advisory services on legal and regulatory frame works, receivership, mergers and acquisitions, international contract drafting, sales agreements, loan agreements and competition law as well as policy.