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With vast experience dispute resolution, Eric Silwamba, Jalasi & Linyama Legal Practitioners offers a wide selection of arbitration and mediation (alternative dispute resolution) services. Their lawyers have the capacity to resolve any dispute no matter how complex, delicate or contentious it is.
William Nyirenda & Company provides a wide selection of mediation services for people and businesses to resolve their conflicts. This is a great alternative to going to court however parties are free to go to trial. William Nyirenda & Company is committed to ensuring that all parties reach common ground and resolve their dispute in an amicable manner.

Dispute resolution in Zambia

This category highlights legal firms that handle disputes. Dispute resolution is the process of resolving disputes between parties. Methods of dispute resolution include: lawsuits or litigation, arbitration, collaborative law, mediation, conciliation, many types of negotiation, facilitation. Dispute resolution processes fall into two major types: Adjudicative processes, such as litigation or arbitration, in which a judge, jury or arbitrator determines the outcome. Consensual processes, such as collaborative law, mediation, conciliation, or negotiation, in which the parties attempt to reach agreement. Dispute resolution is an important requirement in international trade: negotiation, mediation, arbitration and legal action.