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Afrivet Zambia markets high quality, environmentally friendly ectoparasiticides (dips and sprays), endoparasiticides (dewormers), anti-microbials, biologicals, dairy hygiene, feed enhancers and a host of stock remedies. They offer products for treatment of horses, cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.
Moringa goodness also applies to your livestock! It is a miracle supplement for sheep, pigs, cattle, horses and poultry. It helps with immunity, endurance, stamina, joints, bones, coats, bowel movement, lactation, liver protection and blood quality.
Bimeda Zambia is one of the country's leading suppliers of animal health products, and is committed to optimising the health, fertility and productivity of the country's livestock. The company offers a wide product portfolio, which includes vaccines, anti-parasitics, fertility drugs, anti-infectives and antibiotics.
NWK Agri-Services supplies a wide array of animal health care products that are designed to prevent and treat various ailments. The company has vast veterinary know-how, supplying innovative and practical solutions to enhance the lives of animals and their caregivers.
The company is committed to ensuring that animals enjoy excellent health by providing quality vaccines and equipment to aid good animal health. The Animal Medics team is fully trained and offer technical advice before, during and after product sales. They supply Kepro veterinary medicine.

Animal health products in Zambia

Products and services available in Zambia for livestock farmers to ensure their farmed animals are healthy, disease-free and well looked after. Also included here are products and services related to animal genetics and breeding for livestock productivity and product quality. Companies offering this service and products will be highlighted here. Find providers of animal health and equipment products that can strong partner of all stakeholders in the livestock sector, providing affordable high-quality products that are compliant with Zambian standards.