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Since 1986 Saro Agro Industrial has been developing its range of agricultural equipment for the growing small holder market in Zambia. In terms of available stock and technical back-up, its stores in Lusaka, Kitwe, and Mkushi provide a unique service to the small and medium scale farming community.
For the application of liquid fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, Cure Chem Zambia offers a range of knapsack sprayers. Knapsack sprayers provide greater flexibility allowing the user to spot treat in difficult to reach situations, making the sprayer an adaptable piece of kit.
Growmore Technologies are stockists of top-quality small holder farming equipment including maize hullers, grinding mills, shellers, as well as seed drills, ploughs and hammer mills. Growmore is committed to provide all the equipment that farmers need to enhance their productivity and efficiency to maintain profit margins.
Eggtech Incubators supplies advanced egg incubators and hatchers that turn automatically and use microcomputer temperature controllers. In addition the company offers supplies and equipment such as chicken feeders and chicken drinkers. Eggtech Incubators clients include poultry breeders and commercial hatcheries.

Small holder equipment in Zambia

The majority of farms in Zambia belong to small subsistence farmers who grow a diverse range of crops. Many also rear animals — typically cattle, goats and sheep. Small-holder equipment includes animal-powered implements, food-processing machinery and conservation farming tools for mulching and zero-tillage planting. Find a wide range of these farming equipment suppliers highlighted here of equipment to the small scale farmer; food processing equipment, animal husbandry equipment, fishery equipment, agriculture power equipment, power generating equipment, agriculture tools, as well as their spare parts. Improved methods of cultivation, simple technologies, improved seeds all provide huge potential for boosting productivity.