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Are you a farmer and looking for a company that can buy your grains? ETG Commodities Zambia procures an extensive range of grains that include but are not limited to maize, rice, sunflower seeds and mix beans. With various milling plants in Zambia, a few tonnes of maize are processed for distribution by aid agencies. The company has depots in Northern, Central, Southern and Copper Belt Provinces. Please view depots in the read more section below.
Kalimba Reptile Park specialises in free range Pekin Duck and the indigenous species Tilapia (Bream). The ducks are free range from incubation to final product and the fish farming is critical for the conservation of Tilapia (Bream) which is under threat in Zambia. Kalimba supplies high quality Pekin Duck to restaurants and hotels and is a commercial supplier of parent stock Tilapia.
The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) procures a wide selection of crops, especially maize from farmers across the country. Their marketing department is charged with the core responsibility of managing the national strategic food reserves. It is composed of four units namely standards and quality, market information, operations and monitoring as well as evaluation.
Kalimba Farm began in 1985, and was the first farm in the world to integrate crocodile farming with aquaculture. Today they incubate, hatch and raise crocodiles on site and produce high end crocodile skin, meat and oil for local and export markets. Kalimba works closely with the Zambia Crocodile Farmers Association.
Most farmers in Zambia face challenges to sell their produce. As a reliable commodity buyer, Zamanita offers a ready market for groundnuts, sunflower and soya beans to farmers, especially those into small-scale farming. This has encouraged farmers to grow more and has also helped them increase their agricultural capacity.
There is a shortage of fish in Zambia and nearby countries because of decades of overfishing which has decreased natural stocks. With a world-class local management team skilled in aquaculture, Yalelo seeks to replenish supply chains and change buying patterns in Zambia, with customers consuming fresh local brands.
Freshpikt Zambia's farms supply most of their production ingredients such as tomatoes, beans, groundnuts and pineapples. The rest of the raw material needs mainly comes from small scale farmers. As a result, the company controls its raw material supply and provides a ready market for Zambian farmers. Payments to farmers are paid in the shortest time possible.
Small and large scale farmers can sell their maize or soya beans to FVG Milling Company at great prices. Once a farmer supplies their grains and they pass the company's standards, payments are processed in the shortest time possible. FVG is committed to help farmers, especially those engaged in it on a small scale level to move to the next level - commercial farming.
Do you need a fruit and vegetable supplier that can distribute countrywide? City Waste Solutions is equal to the task. The company has an unrivaled reputation for its delivery service which operates seven days a week and can be tailored to suit your requirements.
Jamas Milling Company source its maize from the open market, suppliers, traders and farmers. The company issues orders to recognised suppliers and once delivered, consignments are inspected according to a strict guideline as required by the Zambia Bureau of Standards. Their procurement is driven by quality, availability, planting season and price.
Lake Harvest uses natural fish breeding methods through a combination of modern farming techniques, with the use of tested and approved supplements during the breeding and growing process. Their natural farming process enables the fish to live a natural life and provide good nutrition to the consumer.
Good Nature Agro challenge the status quo of seed production by choosing to loan and train 5,000 farmers to produce their quality legume seed. The company is focused on continuing to scale varieties of legume that are high-yielding, early-maturing, disease-resistant, and ready-made for the export market.

Farming produce in Zambia

This section lists a range of products and services from farms and details where you can find them. From livestock to dairy produce, fish farming, meat and poultry to fruit and vegetables you will find details of suppliers in this section. Farm produce varies from maize, soybeans, wheat, cotton, tobacco, coffee, vegetables, and flowers, and breeding livestock. Beans, groundnuts, pumpkins, and cassava leaves are grown to diversify diets. Other crops include cotton, sorghum, soybeans and sunflower. Cattle, chickens, goats, pigs and sheep are also common.