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Kalimba Farm began in 1985, and was the first farm in the world to integrate crocodile farming with aquaculture. Today they incubate, hatch and raise crocodiles on site and produce high end crocodile skin, meat and oil for local and export markets. Kalimba works closely with the Zambia Crocodile Farmers Association.
Zambeef Products is a producer and distributor of dairy meat and poultry products. Their plants add value in producing yoghurt, cheese, butter, milk, milk-based juices and eggs. Ensuring that it offers the best quality products, Zambeef is one of the preferred choices of dairy meat and poultry products in Zambia.
Uhuru Farming Enterprise produces and supplies chickens (broilers and layers) beef, pork, milk, dairy products, eggs and stock feed. It also grows maize, soya, cassava and wheat. The company is also involved in growing of horticultural products such as green vegetables, onions, cabbages, tomatoes and more.

Dairy, Meat and Poultry in Zambia

Companies listed here produce and sell dairy products which include cheese, ice cream, yogurt, butter, condensed milk and dried milk ready for consumption. They also sell processed meat and poultry produce like sausages, beef, offal, T-bone, pork chops, eggs, and chicken and turkey meats. These products are available on both wholesale and retail. The dairy sector, meat and poultry producers are consolidating to take advantage of economies of scale. The demands of today's fast changing modern lifestyle means packaging solutions will enhance production and at the same time deliver a sustainable solution that reduces food waste.