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African Grey Insurance offers innovative and tailor-made insurance solutions that cover farmers against financial losses faced due to various risks encountered in their farming activities. Customers can select from a wide selection of coverage levels and price options.
Madison General Insurance Company offers an agriculture package that is comprehensive in it cover. Specialist farm insurance cover across the agricultural industry. that can cover buildings and contents, large and small farms with a wide range of options for farm, household, livestock, employers public and product liability.
Designed to suit the specific needs of farmers in Zambia, Pro-Agripak is a single, multiple-cover insurance policy. Professional Insurance offers this policy to ensure that farmers and their customers are protected when the unexpected happens.
Veritas General Insurance Plc offers agricultural insurance that is geared to covering losses from adverse weather conditions, livestock disease and similar events that the Zambian farmer may face. The company's agricultural insurance policies include crop insurance, livestock insurance and their comprehensive 'agripak' package.

Agriculture insurance in Zambia

Stock breeding and growing of agricultural crops is a specific and risky business, depending on a number of objective factors, which often cannot be controlled by people and can result in the loss of the invested funds. This category lists companies that manage all the requirements of agricultural risks in Zambia. Companies have developed personalised insurance programmes for each client, offering complete support for insurance contracts. When selecting an insurance carrier, consider the parameters of insurance coverage, evaluating the internal processes of each company, such as reinsurance protection and the practices regarding loss payment. This will help you ensure to choose a reliable company that offers a the best service.