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The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) was established to ensure a reliable supply and meet local shortfalls in the supply of designated agricultural commodities. This agency also addresses issues affecting the food reserve and the stabilisation of prices. FRA's goal is to complete the value chain by providing market access to small scale farmers in rural areas.
Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) has a vital role to play in the economic development of Zambia. It contributes significantly to the economy and to the gross domestic product (GDP). ZAWA improves the quality of life among communities in wildlife estates and maintains sustainable biodiversity in national parks.

Government authorities in Zambia

Find details on government authorities in Zambia here. Zambia is divided into nine provinces, each administered by an appointed deputy minister. Within these provinces there are 72 local authorities or councils. There are many authorities mandated by acts of parliament which are listed here like the Zambia Revenue Authority, Judicial Complaints Authority, and Police Public Complaints Authority, Zambia Information Communication and Technology Authority and many others. The government authorities have been given power by the state to enforce regulations on behalf of the government.