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Tapera has diversified its products to include natural soaps (Chinkondia), sunflower cooking oil, TAPA hand wash paste and other cleaning products perfect for removing motor grease, oils and domestic dirt. Get the full cleaning power without risking the integrity of your clothes with TAPA washing flakes and dish-washing liquid.

Domestic products in Zambia

This section you will find manufacturers, suppliers and stores that sell and supply domestic products in Zambia. These companies sell on wholesale and retail basis and have competitive prices. They supply to wholesalers, supermarkets, retail stores as well as individuals. The domestic products industry is composed of a diverse group of companies. These manufacturers of consumer goods, used in and around the home, offer their wares to various wholesalers and retailers. Small-ticket items that are not only viewed as necessities, but are quickly consumed and replaced are the basic items of the home like toothpaste, soap and laundry detergent.